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Category Archives: Dermal Fillers

Getting the Royal Treatment: A Face Like Meghan Markle

Patients considering rhinoplasty, facial fillers, or a facelift at our Naples-Fort Meyers practice often bring photos of their favorite celebrities to show their desired results. These "wish pics" may feature Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones, Jennifer Anniston’s nose, or Kylie Jenner’s lips, but it's not a new trend. And, with Prince Harry's marriage to Meghan Markle, more …

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Dermal Filler Removal: How Common Is It?

Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have admitted to having their dermal fillers dissolved. The removal process is a simple procedure that reverses the signs of injectable treatments. But how common is dermal filler removal in the first place? Is this something patients should be concerned about before heading into treatment? Don’t worry—there’s nothing to fear …

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Comparing the Cost: Fillers for 7 to 10 Years vs. a Facelift

One commonly asked question I hear from my Naples and Ft. Myers patients is which is a more cost-effective option: a facelift or injectable fillers? Patients are often drawn to the minimal invasiveness and lower initial price of fillers, but there are several good reasons surgical facelift procedures are still the gold standard for helping your face …

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4 Surprising Areas for Filler and Botox

We’re all familiar with BOTOX® being used to smooth lines of the upper face and filler to plump facial wrinkles and augment lips. Yet many patients at our Naples practice are using these products in surprising areas – and with beautiful results! As with any injection, it is important to see an experienced provider, particularly when …

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