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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation patients at our Naples, Florida, practice are some of our most satisfied clients. They typically enjoy physical benefits, as well as enhanced confidence and feelings of femininity. Dr. Hasen’s compassionate, kind demeanor puts them at ease, and helps them to feel comfortable talking candidly about a somewhat sensitive topic.

Feminine rejuvenation procedures are growing in popularity, and we offer both surgical and nonsurgical options. Whether your goals are improved sexual enjoyment or simply a fresher, younger appearance, our customized approach can make it happen.

How the Female Body Changes

Throughout her life, a woman’s body experiences a variety of different influences, each of which play a role in how she ages and develops. The hormonal fluctuations of adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause, as well as the physical demands of carrying and delivering a child, can each take their toll. The delicate tissues that make up the female genitalia are especially susceptible to these changes, which can cause both physical and emotional discomfort.

To understand your options for improving this area, it’s important to understand the nuances of the female anatomy.

Vaginal Anatomy

  • Labia majora: Also called the “outer labia,” these are the larger, softer “lips” that enclose and protect the other structures of the genitals. Some women may feel that these lips are too prominent, while others would like to increase volume that’s been lost due to the aging process.
  • Labia minora: These smaller “inner lips” sit on either side of the vaginal opening. They naturally come in a wide variety of colors and lengths. Occasionally, women with very elongated or irregularly shaped labia minora opt to reduce them for added comfort during exercise and sex.
  • Vagina: Although many people call the entire genital structure the “vagina,” this is not technically correct. The term “vagina” refers only to the canal that connects the uterus to the exterior of the body.
  • Clitoris: The exterior, visible portion of the clitoris is called the “clitoral head” and is more or less the size and shape of a pea. It sits above the vaginal opening. Most of the clitoris is inside the body. The visible part of the clitoris is at least partially covered by the clitoral hood. This piece of tissue can be surgically reduced to maximize sexual enjoyment and improve the appearance.
  • Mons pubis: This is the fleshy, soft “mound” that protects the pubic bone. Dr. Hasen can add or reduce its volume depending on your needs.
  • Vulva: This is a collective term that refers to the external genitalia.

Your Options

Whether you wish to improve your genitalia’s form, function, or both, Dr. Hasen can help create a plan that meets your goals.

Labiaplasty Votiva
What It Treats Enlarged, elongated, or uneven labia minora Loosened or enlarged labia minora, internal and external laxity, occasional incontinence
Surgical? Yes No
Insurance Coverage Not typically No
Frequency Once 3 treatments, then 1 per year
Healing Process A few days off from work, several weeks before resuming sex No downtime, resume sex in 3 days
What It Treats Enlarged, elongated, or uneven labia minora
Surgical? Yes
Cost $6,500 to $7,500
Insurance Coverage Not typically
Frequency Once
Healing Process A few days off from work, several weeks before resuming sex
What It Treats Loosened or enlarged labia minora, internal and external laxity, occasional incontinence
Surgical? No
Cost $3,500 – $4,000 for a series of 3 treatments.
Insurance Coverage No
Frequency 3 treatments, then 1 per year
Healing Process No downtime, resume sex in 3 days


Labiaplasty is a broad term that describes any procedure that relates to the labia majora or labia minora. Although both the labia majora and labia minora come in a wide spectrum of “normal,” a woman may feel self-conscious of especially prominent labia, or lips that have lost volume and softness with age. Excessively elongated labia minora can be a source of physical discomfort, often inhibiting women from fully enjoying certain types of exercise and even sex. The labiaplasty procedures that Dr. Hasen offers include a simple reduction of the labia minora, which removes excess tissue or creates a symmetrical appearance. Dr. Hasen offers labiaplasty both under deep IV sedation anesthesia as well as under local anesthesia with oral sedating medications for those who want to avoid anesthesia.


This FDA-cleared, nonsurgical procedure has dramatically improved clinical options for women with many common age-related changes. Using carefully directed radiofrequency energy, Votiva encourages the growth and development of new collagen. This can help reduce symptoms, including:

  • Laxity or a sensation of looseness
  • Ongoing vaginal dryness
  • Episodes of urinary incontinence, especially when laughing or sneezing
  • Diminished enjoyment of sex

Votiva can be used to help retract the clitoral hood, thereby improving the sexual experience. One particularly appealing aspect of the procedure is that it doesn’t require any downtime. The Votiva procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes and is performed in a series of 3 treatments spaced 1 to 2 months apart.

Liposuction & Fat Grafting

These options can help remove, add, or redistribute fat. This is typically performed on the labia majora or mons pubis, both areas that feature substantial fat padding. Fullness and volume in these areas correspond with a youthful appearance, and many women enjoy the soft look and feel. On the other hand, very prominent labia majora or mons pubis can be a source of embarrassment for some women, especially in swimwear or tight-fitting clothing. A bit of liposuction can reduce volume and significantly improve comfort.

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Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery?

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Common Questions

Are these procedures covered by insurance?

Not typically. Because the majority of labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation procedures are considered cosmetic, their cost is not covered by private insurance. However, partial coverage is possible under certain conditions. For example, if you pursue the surgery to remedy a documented medical condition, such as incontinence, your provider may agree to pay for some or all of your surgery. In this case, patients generally need to be evaluated by their primary care providers before seeing Dr. Hasen.

How long can I expect my results to last?

It depends on the procedure you undergo as well as the specific concerns you’d like to remedy. Although the results of surgical labiaplasty can be quite long-lasting, they don’t stop the aging process. The tissue removed during this type of surgery is not likely to grow back, but laxity and atrophy can re-develop as your body continues to age. This process typically takes years and doesn’t usually require any type of maintenance surgery.

Because it’s a nonsurgical procedure, Votiva produces results that are a bit more temporary. If a patient wishes to maintain her Votiva results, we typically recommend annual touch-up treatments.

When is the best time in my life to undergo vaginal rejuvenation?

There is no one ideal time for everyone. Only you can determine when the timing is right for your procedure. Because many women undergo surgical labiaplasty to treat the effects of childbirth and pregnancy, the most prudent option may be to wait until you’re finished building your family before you have surgery. On the other hand, Votiva is a good option at almost any point in a woman’s life because it’s completely nonsurgical. However, it’s not appropriate for women who are presently pregnant or nursing.

Will I retain normal sensation after my procedure?

Dr. Hasen uses meticulous surgical techniques to ensure that the level of sensation you experience remains normal after surgery. While you may temporarily lose some sensation immediately after surgery, this effect typically resolves on its own within a few weeks. Votiva can actually improve sensation.

Feminine rejuvenation procedures are often performed as part of a Mommy Makeover for women who want to restore their pre-baby bodies. Ask Dr. Hasen about combining procedures during your consultation.

You can use our simple online form to request a consultation or you can give our office a call at (239) 262-5662.

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