Aspen Technology for Capsular Contracture

Although the overwhelming majority of breast augmentation patients are happy with their results, some patients experience a complication called capsular contracture. Occurring when augmented breasts become abnormally firm and tight, capsular contracture is not common or medically dangerous. However, it can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Kent V. Hasen, M.D., is pleased to offer noninvasive Aspen Technology as a solution and an alternative to surgical breast revision at his Naples practice.

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What Is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is a potential complication of breast augmentation. Although there is still some uncertainty regarding the cause of capsular contracture, many doctors believe it occurs when bacteria enters the breast capsule during surgery or the healing process. The presence of this bacteria stimulates the body’s defensive systems, hardening the scar tissue in the breast capsule to protect the body from additional contaminants. This causes the breasts to feel firm and appear abnormal. In severe cases, pain and tenderness can also occur.

It’s important to note that Dr. Hasen uses only the safest and most advanced techniques during breast augmentation surgery, reducing the risk of capsular contracture. Patients who developed complications or poor cosmetic results after procedures with other surgeons often rely on Dr. Hasen’s experience and care to improve their outcomes.

While revisionary surgery has long been considered the sole option for treating capsular contracture, Aspen Technology is a relatively new, nonsurgical approach that may be a better choice for some women.

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It’s Time for the Breasts You Want

If you need correction after your initial breast augmentation, Dr. Hasen can help. Learn about your options for breast implant revision.

Is Aspen Right for You?

First, Dr. Hasen needs to determine whether your concerns are caused by capsular contracture. The excess, hard scar tissue that the condition causes may in turn cause deformities in the implant’s appearance or force the implant into a different location, usually pushing it up to a higher level. Women who notice a change in the softness of their breasts or in breast position should contact Dr. Hasen immediately for an accurate diagnosis.

Some warning signs of capsular contracture include:

  • Firmer breasts
  • Abnormal or distorted appearance
  • Breast hardening around the implant
  • Breast pain

Nonsurgical breast implant revision is not for everyone. A consultation with Dr. Hasen will determine whether this procedure can work for you. In more severe cases, breast implant removal or breast implant revision surgery may be needed to achieve the best cosmetic result.

Dr. Kent V. Hasen sitting on a chair
Dr. Kent V. Hasen sitting on a chair

Dr. Kent V. Hasen

As a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Naples and Fort Myers, Dr. Hasen’s goal is to help you love the reflection you see in the mirror. He is passionate about patient care, and his exceptional surgical talent and decades of experience allow him to create beautiful, natural-looking results.

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The Technique

Developed by physicians right here in Florida, Aspen Technology relies on a series of painless, therapeutic ultrasound treatments to weaken the hard biofilm created by the bacteria. Once the biofilm has been disrupted and the breasts begin to soften, the bacteria become more susceptible to oral antibiotics.

Unlike other ultrasound systems, which are smaller in size and only “spot treat” a small area of tissue, the Aspen device is able to cover almost the entire breast. Therefore, the ultrasound waves are better able to treat the whole implant capsule.

The ultrasound energy helps loosen the breast tissue so that blood can circulate around the implant capsule, thereby softening any scar tissue that may be hardening. Compression wrapping and massaging of the breast complement the ultrasound to help soften the feel of the implant, relieve the breast pain, and correct the position of the affected breast.

To further complement these results, Dr. Hasen often prescribes an anti-inflammatory medication such as SINGULAIR® to help further relax and soften taut, constricted breast tissue.

What Can I Expect?

Therapy with ultrasound takes about half an hour. During this time, Dr. Hasen’s ultrasound technician will administer a series of undetectable ultrasound treatments. Depending on the case, he may use other techniques, such as pocket expansion or implant scar mobilization, to assist with healing. Dr. Hasen usually recommends that his patients wear a compression garment or bandage for several weeks after the treatment.

The Results

The Aspen protocol is most successful when it’s started as soon as possible after the symptoms of capsular contracture begin to appear. Practices that have adopted Aspen Technology report success rates of about 80%, which is wonderful news for the majority of patients. During your consultation, Dr. Hasen performs a thorough physical evaluation to determine whether Aspen Technology is the appropriate solution for your condition.

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