Light and Shadow: The Art of Plastic Surgery

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When we analyze the great works of art, we think of how these masters used the play of light and shadows to transport us into their scenes. Whether it’s Monet and his water lilies or Rembrandt and his portraits, the balance of light reflection is what truly brings these pieces to life.

It has been said Monet became obsessed with the reflection of light on water and spent decades of his life trying to duplicate this interplay on canvas. These natural reflections the great artists worked so hard to duplicate go unnoticed in daily life. However, when we view a person’s face, how the light reflects off their features impacts our appreciation of their beauty. These small details are an important part of successful aesthetic surgery.

Where Art & Science Meet

An experienced injector will consider how light reflects off a face when placing filler. Using filler, particularly in the cheekbones, can alter how light bounces off the face, creating areas of shadow and highlight. When this is done well, the cheekbones look higher and lifted. The undereye area looks brighter and softer.

Makeup artists also take advantage of these techniques when using darker shades to contour and lighter shades to highlight. When an injector understands facial anatomy, and how best to create contour and highlight, smaller amounts of product can be utilized to create the most natural result.

Understanding Light

As we age, our features soften, resulting in less reflection of light and valleys of shadowing. Filler can be used to restore this volume loss, softening these peaks and valleys and enhancing highlight of the face. In a younger patient, filler can be used to amplify naturally beautiful cheekbones.

In these patients, well-placed filler is particularly gratifying for naturally replicating the contour and highlight patients are trying to achieve with makeup. The reflection of light is also critical in lip augmentation. Adding definition to the border of the lip and cupid’s bow gives the appearance of a fuller lip, softening the appearance of lines around the lip, without the need for the injection of large amounts of filler.

Injecting filler is both an art and a science. The facial fillers on the market today are designed to provide natural results, structural support, tissue lift and long-lasting results. In the hands of an experienced injector, these high-tech fillers can be expertly placed to trick the balance of light and shadow, resulting in a naturally youthful, lifted appearance.

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