Syringe Secrets: How Much Filler Do You Actually Need?

Model with beautiful skin getting cosmetic injection

Facial fillers are more popular than ever – in just 2018 alone, doctors performed millions of treatments to add volume and rejuvenate people’s skin. But some new to injectables might still feel nervous about the process. By far, the most common hesitation we hear from patients prior to an injectable procedure is a fear of looking unnatural.

Unfortunately, there are too many “Real Housewives” giving filler a bad name. While the overabundance of over injected people on TV and social media may lead patients to believe this is the normal outcome, that is far from true. In fact, many of your friends and family have probably had injectable procedures!

Understanding Fillers

When clients ask for a dermal fillers consultation at our Naples office, we always perform a full-face assessment. While most patients are concerned with a particular line or depression, evaluating and treating the entire face allows for the most natural results.

Most patients will benefit from multiple syringes of filler to see optimal results. But 4 and 5 syringes of filler can sound very overwhelming for a new patient! To help calm any concerns, here are 2 key facts to keep in mind when evaluating your aesthetic treatment plan.

Age Matters

Every year after the age of 35, we lose, on average 1 teaspoon of facial volume. That means if patient is 50 years old at the time of her first treatment, she has lost about 15 teaspoons of volume in her face.

The specifics of a treatment plan are hugely impacted by the age of the patient. For the best results, we customize your fillers to you.

Numbers Are Relative

There’s an important stat to remember when it comes to fillers: 1 syringe of filler = ¼ teaspoon.

So what does this mean?

  • If that same 50-year-old patient has lost 15 teaspoons of volume, and her treatment plan involves 6 syringes of filler, that will only replace a small percentage of her volume loss.
  • To simply replace the volume she has lost over time – and “refill her tank”, so to speak – it requires multiple syringes over multiple visits.

Even though it may sound like a lot of filler, the number of injectables is all relative. Multiple syringes of filler, injected properly, will still yield a very natural, conservative result.

So, how many syringes do you have? In our office, we have staff members of all ages. Our younger staff members often have several syringes of filler. We ask all our patients to look around. Do our staff look natural, refreshed, and conservative?

Don’t let your fear of looking unnatural stop you from achieving your most natural results. To learn about what facial fillers can do for you, request a consultation online or call us at (239) 262-5662. Together, we will develop a long-term treatment plan to replenish lost volume and softly refresh and rejuvenate the face.

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