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Paying for Plastic Surgery

Paying for Plastic Surgery

There are many people who are interested in improving their appearances but who don’t look into plastic surgery because they think they can’t afford it. I’m happy to be one of the plastic surgeons in the Fort Myers area who accepts a variety of financing options, opening a wide range of cosmetic services to people of differing income levels. Because insurance typically does not cover cosmetic surgery, we understand the importance of choosing a fair, dependable payment option. We offer 2 primary … Continue reading

Patient Case: Revising a Breast Augmentation

Patient Case: Revising a Breast Augmentation

Patients seeking breast augmentation revision typically come to my plastic surgery practice near Fort Myers after reading reviews online or after researching surgeons in the area who specialize in correcting problems related to breast implants. These are some of the most rewarding procedures I offer. I recently performed a breast augmentation revision on a 38-year-old patient who was unhappy with the appearance of her saline breast implants. The patient had 2 prior breast augmentation procedures, with implants placed under the chest muscle. The placement … Continue reading

NeoGraft® Hair Restoration: The Innovative Solution

skin hair replacement systems

My practice now offers the NeoGraft hair restoration system. This is exciting news for those interested in hair transplant treatments in Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island, and surrounding communities. The NeoGraft Difference NeoGraft is an advanced automated hair restoration system that uses air pressure. Other methods rely on invasive methods, leave noticeable scars, or involve long, tedious procedures. In contrast, NeoGraft offers these benefits: High-quality hair grafts Minimally invasive No visible scars Relatively quick and easy procedure Customizable results The … Continue reading

My Personal Experience With NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

Dr. Kent Hasen

Plastic surgeons are people too! Just like you, we have flaws, concerns, and worries about our personal appearances. When I started to notice the effects of male-pattern baldness on my own head, I knew I needed to seriously look into hair transplant options. Naples and Fort Myers patients may have already heard about the NeoGraft® technique. When it first came across my desk, I realized I had found not only my own hair loss solution, but one for hundreds of … Continue reading

The Evolution of Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration,Hair Replacement systems

For decades, there didn’t seem to be much change in hair restoration techniques. Someone seeking a hair restoration in the Naples / Fort Myers area had two options. A traditional hair transplant using the “strip” method was the most popular solution, but the surgery could leave behind a large, conspicuous scar. An at-home pharmaceutical treatment offered unpredictable results and, often, unwanted side effects. Now there is a better option, and I’m excited to offer this effective, convenient, and scar-free type … Continue reading

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