Patient Case: Revising a Breast Augmentation

Patients seeking breast augmentation revision typically come to my plastic surgery practice near Fort Myers after reading reviews online or after researching surgeons in the area who specialize in correcting problems related to breast implants. These are some of the most rewarding procedures I offer.

Patient Case: Revising a Breast AugmentationI recently performed a breast augmentation revision on a 38-year-old patient who was unhappy with the appearance of her saline breast implants. The patient had 2 prior breast augmentation procedures, with implants placed under the chest muscle. The placement method caused the implants to shift laterally to the armpits.

I placed Natrelle® 410 silicone breast implants in pockets I created above the chest muscles. The highly cohesive implants are anatomically shaped for a natural look, and the shells are textured to minimize movement. Also, these implants have a much lower risk of capsular contracture compared with other silicone implants.

Patient Case: Revising a Breast Augmentation Just 3 months after surgery, the patient is already enjoying her beautiful, natural-looking result. Her before-and-after photos show a dramatic improvement in her overall appearance, and she didn’t have to compromise her comfort or mobility.

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