Exercise and BOTOX® Cosmetic: Do They Mix?

Exercise and BOTOX® Cosmetic: Do They Mix?As a plastic surgeon in the Naples and Fort Myers area, I see a lot of women and men who are avid exercisers. I’ve had a number of patients ask me if exercise can lessen the effects of BOTOX or fillers.  While there are no case studies to date, there is some anecdotal evidence suggesting that the effects of injectables may not last as long in people who are extremely active.  However, this may have very little to do with the effectiveness of injectables, and is unlikely to be relevant for most people.

Marathoners, cyclists, and other extreme athletes have very little body fat to begin with. Often one of the factors in deciding to get BOTOX or fillers is to counter an already gaunt appearance.  When one has minimal fat, wrinkles may be more apparent and the face can look drawn and skeletonized. BOTOX and fillers can help improve this, but the results may not be as profound as they are in individuals with an average amount of body fat. Add to this increased metabolic rates and the changing hormone levels of extreme athletes, and there may be some truth to the speculation.

The truth is, the average person isn’t going to have to worry about exercise diminishing the results of BOTOX or fillers. However, it is advisable to avoid any strenuous exercise for several days after a treatment. With a qualified practitioner performing your injections, you should experience beautiful results that last for many months.

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