The Evolution of Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration,Hair Replacement systemsFor decades, there didn’t seem to be much change in hair restoration techniques. Someone seeking a hair restoration in the Naples / Fort Myers area had two options. A traditional hair transplant using the “strip” method was the most popular solution, but the surgery could leave behind a large, conspicuous scar. An at-home pharmaceutical treatment offered unpredictable results and, often, unwanted side effects. Now there is a better option, and I’m excited to offer this effective, convenient, and scar-free type of hair restoration to my clients. NeoGraft® hair restoration has been proven to deliver completely natural-looking results with minimal pain, scarring, and downtime.

During the procedure, I use a NeoGraft machine to harvest follicles from the donor site (usually the back of your head). The NeoGraft machine uses pneumatic pressure to extract them, leaving the follicles undamaged and therefore increasing the chance of success. The results are stunning; a thick, natural-looking head of hair without the telltale scar or “plugged” appearance. Best of all, the NeoGraft procedure offers the shortest recovery time of any surgical hair restoration technique, and results can be expected after just one session.

You might be a good candidate for a NeoGraft procedure if you have enough hair on another part of your head to use as a donor site. (This hair will grow back.) Patients who have frontal, crown, or partial balding, and even patients with curly hair, are eligible for NeoGraft.

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