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Online Forums & Your ‘Best’ Answer

Can there be too much of a good thing? Perhaps, at least when it comes to the popularity of online forums offering expert advice to men and women seeking answers on topics ranging from vacationing to taxes. In my industry, I know that plastic surgery patients who have a specific question can spend a lot of time sifting through dozens, even hundreds, of answers from plastic surgeons with various backgrounds. This can be a chore, especially when you read contradictory … Continue reading

Do Women With Breast Implants Have Better Sex Lives?

Studies show that the vast majority of women who get breast implants are happy with their results. That’s something I’ve seen personally with my breast augmentation patients in Naples. But another recent study posed a different question. Do women with breast implants have better sex lives? The answer, according to the results of the study, is yes. The research, presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, asked women before and after getting breast augmentation surgery … Continue reading

Plastic Surgery in the Mobile Age

Smartphones are rapidly replacing desktop computers as the way people browse the Internet. In fact, mobile Web traffic is expected to surpass desktop traffic in 2014. The same is true in the world of plastic surgery, where patients and physicians are more active than ever via mobile devices. If you happen to be reading this blog post on a smartphone, for instance, it’s easy to read and navigate and there’s no clumsy scrolling or zooming. That’s because I’m one of … Continue reading

Teenage Plastic Surgery: A Fine Ethical Line

Teenage Plastic Surgery: A Fine Ethical Line

In my many years working in Naples as a plastic surgeon, I have seen numerous teens interested in getting elective surgery. Although it’s perfectly normal for teens to feel awkward as their bodies develop and they compare themselves to others, plastic surgery is not often the appropriate answer for young people whose emotions are still developing, too. Many of the issues that adolescents grapple with resolve themselves over time as teens grow to appreciate their own unique characteristics. Getting plastic surgery … Continue reading

Labiaplasty Surgery Goes Beyond Cosmetic Concerns

Labiaplasty Surgery Goes Beyond Cosmetic Concerns

I am among a select group of plastic surgeons in the Fort Myers area who offers labiaplasty surgery and labial rejuvenation. These are probably the least talked about of all the plastic surgery procedures, but for many women, they can significantly improve quality of life. There are a number of reasons a woman would choose to undergo a labial procedure: To restore:  Motherhood brings many joys, along with many bodily changes. After pregnancy, it’s common for women to long for their pre-pregnancy … Continue reading

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