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My Techniques for a Natural-Looking Facelift


Many potential facelift patients come to my Naples practice with concerns about looking overly pulled or appearing as if their skin has been blown back in a wind tunnel. The good news is that the surgical techniques I use minimize the risk of looking overly “done.” Instead, my facelift patients are delighted to see that their surgical results still leave them looking like themselves, only younger. I use the following methods to ensure a beautiful, natural-looking outcome for each patient: Short incisions: … Continue reading

Great Hair Restoration Expectations

Great Hair Restoration Expectations or Men

What do you think of when you consider hair transplant surgery? A tedious procedure that leaves your scalp sore and scarred? Let me set the record straight: Those days are long gone. A modern hair transplant at my Naples-Fort Myers clinic is convenient and comfortable, and the results look and feel natural. Here’s what you can actually expect from hair restoration: Convenience and efficiency: I use the NeoGraft® system, which is a handheld device that gently and efficiently extracts hair follicles from … Continue reading

Fat Transfer: Breast Enhancement Without the Implants

Fat Transfer: Breast Enhancement Without the Implants

Part of my commitment to my Naples cosmetic surgery patients is staying up to date on the latest techniques. I recently completed training with Dr. Roger Khouri, renowned for his highly effective protocol for fat transfer breast enhancement. My facial rejuvenation patients have previously benefited from fat grafting, and I am excited to extend those benefits to my breast reconstruction patients. Fat transfer involves using liposuction to remove unwanted fat from one area of the body — usually the abdomen, thighs, or … Continue reading

Can Cosmetic Surgery Prevent Bullying?

Cosmetic Surgery to Prevent Bullying

A recent news story about a teen who got cosmetic surgery after being bullied for her misshapen nose has the cosmetic surgery industry buzzing. In Naples, I guide families through the many considerations that come into play when a young person wants elective surgery, and bullying comes up regularly. In the recent news story, a 15-year-old girl was granted a free rhinoplasty surgery from a New York nonprofit called the Little Baby Face Foundation. She had been bullied for years to the … Continue reading

Advancements to Watch for in 2014

2014 Advancements

As 2014 gets into full swing, some of us are thinking about what the year may bring. Plastic surgeons in Naples and around the country keep their eyes open at this time of year, when many patients resolve to better their bodies and their confidence, for new and innovative treatment options that may improve their practices. Some of the up-and-coming advancements I’m keeping my eye on include the following: Developments with fat: The non-surgical body contouring industry has seen major changes in … Continue reading

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