Fat Transfer: Breast Enhancement Without the Implants

Fat Transfer: Breast Enhancement Without the ImplantsPart of my commitment to my Naples cosmetic surgery patients is staying up to date on the latest techniques. I recently completed training with Dr. Roger Khouri, renowned for his highly effective protocol for fat transfer breast enhancement. My facial rejuvenation patients have previously benefited from fat grafting, and I am excited to extend those benefits to my breast reconstruction patients.

Fat transfer involves using liposuction to remove unwanted fat from one area of the body — usually the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks — and transplanting it to a donor area. This technique, also called fat grafting, is a more natural alternative for breast reconstruction and breast enhancement patients who don’t want breast implants.

Fat transfer has been shown to work well in particular for breast reconstruction patients, who sometimes are not good candidates for breast implants because of ongoing cancer treatment. Breast reconstruction patients are also good candidates because sometimes only a small area of breast tissue is removed during cancer treatment, and a full-sized implant isn’t necessary to restore volume. That’s where fat can be useful.

My fat transfer techniques for the breasts combine multiple rounds of fat grafting with the BRAVA® system, which involves wearing a special bra that places sustained tension on the breasts to encourage them to grow. When fat is transplanted into a new area, some of it is retained, and some of it is naturally absorbed back into the body. Use of the BRAVA system encourages more of the fat cells to “take,” producing better and more predictable results. The fat grafting sessions start at the time of a patient’s mastectomy and continue, spaced over the course of several months, until an appealing shape is reached.

I am excited to offer my reconstruction patients this new option, and I see potential for fat transfer to one day be an option for augmentation patients, as well.

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  • Noelle Alfonso says:

    i would like to have my breast inlarged as well as a butt lift, what s the cost and recover time. i am 5’7 125lbs

    • Dr. Kent Hasen says:

      Thanks for your question. It is best to speak to Marie, my patient coordinator at 239-262-5662 to discuss your questions. Take Care, Kent Hasen

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