Great Hair Restoration Expectations

Great Hair Restoration Expectations or Men's Toupee,What do you think of when you consider hair transplant surgery? A tedious procedure that leaves your scalp sore and scarred? Let me set the record straight: Those days are long gone. A modern hair transplant at my Naples-Fort Myers clinic is convenient and comfortable, and the results look and feel natural. Here’s what you can actually expect from hair restoration:

  • Convenience and efficiency: I use the NeoGraft® system, which is a handheld device that gently and efficiently extracts hair follicles from one area of the scalp for transplantation into another. Previous manual methods took a lot longer to achieve the same effect in procedures that were hard on both the patient and the surgeon. With NeoGraft, we can reach beautiful results in a single surgical session that would have once required many hours of surgery spread over several sessions.
  • A quick, easy recovery: Because of NeoGraft’s gentle, precise follicle removal and placement, only tiny pinprick incisions are left behind, which heal very quickly. Patients say the only discomfort they feel during recovery is akin to a sunburn. Most people return to work just a few days after surgery.
  • Exceptional results: Patients are not left with obvious scars or a “hair plug” look after one of today’s modern procedures. Rather, the results look extremely natural. The ease of use of the NeoGraft system allows my team to take the time needed to place each follicle at a specific angle to mimic natural growth patterns.

Today’s advances mean many people need to realign their old expectations of hair transplant surgery. Learn more about what you can expect during the restoration process, from the first consultation to the final follow-up.

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