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Can there be too much of a good thing? Perhaps, at least when it comes to the popularity of online forums offering expert advice to men and women seeking answers on topics ranging from vacationing to taxes. In my industry, I know that plastic surgery patients who have a specific question can spend a lot of time sifting through dozens, even hundreds, of answers from plastic surgeons with various backgrounds. This can be a chore, especially when you read contradictory answers.

Sites such as are an excellent source of information for patients who have questions for plastic surgeons. At my Naples practice, I hear many of the same questions from my own patients, and I regularly contribute answers to the RealSelf forums. But for readers who often encounter more than 100 answers to a single question, it’s difficult to know whether a specific answer is reliable.

Here are a few tips to help you feel confident that a surgeon’s answer provides accurate information:

  • Look at reviews of the surgeon submitted by real patients.
  • Check to find similarities between various surgeons’ answers for the same question.
  • Check a surgeon’s credentials.
  • Read other answers from the surgeon about the same procedure.

It’s important to feel confident in the advice you get. Questions about cosmetic procedures involve your personal health. That’s why, in addition to researching procedures online, it’s important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has enough experience performing the procedure you are interested in before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

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  • Mark Ciociola says:

    I had suffered from Gynocomastia for a good portion of my life. This condition had a number of challenging consequences, which led me to hide a part of myself to the world. From finding the right shirts to wear (often ill fitted and baggy) to constrictive, corset-like devices to conceal my chest were a daily routine. Over-exercising to restrictive dieting were strategies which led nowhere. The psychological impacts were also pretty devastating–shame is inextricably linked to this condition.

    Finding Dr. Hasen, RN Rachel, the Consultant Marie and all the amazing staff were a God-Send. Methodically and with the utmost empathy, they described what the surgical process would be like and what to expect afterwards. They all do their jobs with compassion where I felt cared for (dare I say even pampered!)

    The results so far have been life changing! I am able to wear clothing I could only dream of before, and, more importantly feel a confidence I never knew I had. I am in the early stages of recovery and know I am on an excellent trajectory. Dr. Hasen is not only a skilled surgeon, he is an artist. Words elude me on how much I so appreciate this practice, and can’t thank them all enough.

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