Labiaplasty Surgery Goes Beyond Cosmetic Concerns

Labiaplasty Surgery Goes Beyond Cosmetic ConcernsI am among a select group of plastic surgeons in the Fort Myers area who offers labiaplasty surgery and labial rejuvenation. These are probably the least talked about of all the plastic surgery procedures, but for many women, they can significantly improve quality of life. There are a number of reasons a woman would choose to undergo a labial procedure:

  • To restore:  Motherhood brings many joys, along with many bodily changes. After pregnancy, it’s common for women to long for their pre-pregnancy bodies, and that can include their labia, which can become stretched during the birthing process. Labial rejuvenation can also help to reverse some of the changes that occur to the labia as a woman ages.
  • To reduce: Overly large labia can cause physical discomfort and prevent a woman from engaging in a variety of activities, including horseback riding, cycling, and exercising. Excess tissue can make wearing certain styles of clothing — even pants — uncomfortable. Labiaplasty removes excess tissue and hanging skin so that a woman can enjoy various activities and fashion styles comfortably.
  • To boost confidence: True intimacy isn’t possible when a woman feels self-conscious about her body. Excessively large or drooping labia can be aesthetically displeasing and bothersome. Labiaplasty not only removes excess tissue on the labia for a more attractive appearance, but it can boost a woman’s self-confidence and make her feel more sexually assured.

Labiaplasty and labial rejuvenation may not be the most talked about procedures in plastic surgery, but their popularity is on the rise. Many of the women who choose to have these procedures are doing so because they want more than just a cosmetic fix; they want to improve their overall quality of life.

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