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Do Good Looks Matter?

Learn more about our new office!

We’ve been busy lately. Don’t get us wrong, we’re always busy doing the things we love: caring for our loyal patients, meeting new patients, teaching, and learning. But this is a different kind of busy. You may be aware that we are in the initial stages of our big move to a new building on Airport Pulling Road in Naples (if you aren’t familiar with the area, that’s across from Grey Oaks). While we can’t open the doors for a … Continue reading

3 Surprising Facts About Breast Reconstruction

Learn about breast reconstruction in Naples, FL

There is a woman in a doctor’s office at this moment who just heard the words, “You have breast cancer.” In 19 short seconds, another woman will receive the same life-changing diagnosis somewhere around the world. 19 seconds after that, the cycle will continue. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, people all over the globe work to call attention to startling statistics. It is important for everyone to understand what breast cancer is, how it can be detected, and how we … Continue reading

Don’t Forget About Your Hands!


Every day, we see patients in our Naples plastic surgery office looking to improve the appearance of their face.  Through surgical and non-surgical procedures, we routinely help our patients achieve a beautiful, youthful appearance.  However, many women neglect the one area of their body that can easily give away their age – the hands! From brown spots to loss of volume, the hands can easily betray a woman’s real age.  Thankfully, our office offers several treatment options to address the … Continue reading

3 Tips From a Plastic Surgeon for Your Best Fall Skin

facial rejuvenation in Naples

It is normal in the fall to feel like you are in a skin care slump. My patients in Naples, FL are very active during the summer months, and all of that sun, salt water, and chlorine can lead to a less-than-lustrous complexion at the start of fall. Many men and women find themselves in need of a pick-me-up. I can related to that. When my skin is dehydrated and damaged, I not only appear tired, but I also look … Continue reading

Beauty Trends Seen In Our Plastic Surgery Practice

Labiaplasty Surgery Goes Beyond Cosmetic Concerns

In our plastic surgery office in Naples, we often see trends with our patients that correspond with what is happening in the beauty and fashion world at large.  This summer we have noticed two big trends: the “thigh gap” and long lashes. The Thigh Gap Instagram use has exploded over the last year.  Anyone who has spent time scrolling through this app may have noticed the “thigh gap” fashionable models and red carpet starlets seem to “naturally” possess. Thankfully, there … Continue reading

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