Top 3 Reasons to Kysse and Tell

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After spending the last few weeks in Zoom meetings, FaceTime, and Skype calls, patients are more eager than ever to have a lip filler treatment! Rejuvenation and volumization of the lips with filler is an easy, gratifying treatment. Fortunately, we have more options than ever to plump lips. Restylane just introduced Restylane Kysse, a filler designed specifically for the lips. Kysse is a hyaluronic acid filler formulated to provide a natural look and feel to the lips. Here are the top 3 reasons to “Kysse and Tell”.

1. Natural Feel (for you and your partner!)

Our patients often express concern their partner will not like the look or feel of their injected lips. Kysse is the first lip filler ever brought to market to evaluate the look and feel for the patient and the patient’s partner. Patients injected with Kysse felt their lips looked more beautiful while still feeling soft and natural. Importantly, partners also evaluated the look and feel of Kysse and agreed the product provided a natural, beautiful feel and appearance.

2. Go with the Flow

Designed with “XpresHAn” technology, Kysse stretches and flexes to allow for natural movement. The best filler is the filler no one else can see. Kysse integrates into the tissue and is specifically formulated to move when the patient moves. This is particularly important when treating the lips. During a conversation or when looking at a photo, the eyes are drawn to a person’s lips. The ideal filler result will leave everyone admiring beautiful lips, not beautiful filler. Whether at rest or speaking, Kysse provides a softer, plumper pout.

3. Safe and Secure

At the end of the day, safety is the most important aspect of any facial filler. Kysse has been used in Europe for many years, and the safety has been thoroughly researched. The product has been shown to provide safe results, lasting one year! Patients can feel confident they are receiving a product backed by significant science, research and clinical trials.

Contact our office to find out how you can Kysse and Tell. We offer customized consultations to determine the best products to fit your lip anatomy and concerns. Rest assured, with our expert injectors, your lips will look more beautiful, natural, and Kysse-ably soft.

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