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Beauty Trends Seen In Our Plastic Surgery Practice

Labiaplasty Surgery Goes Beyond Cosmetic Concerns

In our plastic surgery office in Naples, we often see trends with our patients that correspond with what is happening in the beauty and fashion world at large.  This summer we have noticed two big trends: the “thigh gap” and long lashes. The Thigh Gap Instagram use has exploded over the last year.  Anyone who has spent time scrolling through this app may have noticed the “thigh gap” fashionable models and red carpet starlets seem to “naturally” possess. Thankfully, there … Continue reading

Infini™ Skin Tightening FAQs: Top 3 Questions Answered

Learn about skin tightening options in Naples

My patients frequently ask for my best skin care advice. Here in sunny Naples, Florida, because we spend so much time outside, people seem to be interested in convenient, non-invasive options to refresh their appearance and erase the signs of sun damage and photo aging. At our medical spa, Infini RF has become a popular treatment for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and tightening skin. This radiofrequency system delivers energy through microneedle electrodes, with minimal pain and no downtime. The … Continue reading

Filling You In on Restylane® Lyft

It seems there are always newly FDA-approved products and treatments appearing on the market, making it easy to get confused by the abundance of names and uses. But every so often, a product stands out because of its quality and proven results, and I decide to implement it into my services at my Naples plastic surgery practice. In this blog post, I’d like to highlight Restylane Lyft, a new member of the Restylane product line that I carry at my … Continue reading

What Are the Differences Between Retinols and Retin-A?


What Are the Differences Between Retinols and Retin-A? A Question and Answer session with Dr. Hasen Patient Question:  There are so many anti-aging products on the market claiming to treat wrinkles.  What are the differences between retinols and Retin-A, and which one should I use? Dr. Hasen’s Answer:  Great question! There are so many skin care and anti-wrinkle treatment options available now, from prescriptions to drug and department store brands to medical grade lines.  It can get confusing! Our office … Continue reading

Study: BOTOX® May Also Rejuvenate Your Skin

Scientists in Canada have offered up new proof that BOTOX® Cosmetic may have more age-defying power than previously thought. They say along with relaxing the facial muscles that cause wrinkles, BOTOX could also rejuvenate the skin, at least temporarily. In a study published in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, researchers set out to discover why people who receive repeated BOTOX injections seem to enjoy fewer wrinkles as time goes on. They observed a few dozen middle-aged women who received BOTOX treatments and … Continue reading

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