Your Top 3 Skin Care Resolutions

2019 top skin care resolutions

It’s not too late to start following these 3 resolutions for healthier, more radiant skin in 2019. In fact, experts say February is actually the best time to implement your resolutions. The holidays are far behind, and the pressure of the new year is lessening. Think about incorporating these 3 skin care resolutions in to your new year.

January can be used to plan and prepare, so you can hit the ground running in February. Let 2019 be the year you put your skin first.

Invest in Sunscreen

It should go without saying, but your number one skin care resolution for 2019 is sunscreen.

By now, we all know how necessary sun protection is to prevent skin cancer and the harmful effects of sun aging. Yet, how many of us can truthfully say we wear sunscreen every day? Even fewer of us can say we are diligent in applying our sunscreen to the neck, hands, ears, and chest. If we do only one thing this year for our skin’s health and beauty, let it be sunscreen.

Try Out BOTOX®

BOTOX is the number one cosmetic treatment in the world for a reason. Most lines of the upper face are formed from the movements of the muscles of the forehead, the frown muscles between the brows, and the smile lines around the eyes. Botox works to prevent these muscles from contracting. If the muscles aren’t moving, lines aren’t forming.

Ideally, BOTOX is started before lines appear at rest. However, when used consistently over time, BOTOX can start to soften stubborn lines, while also preventing these lines from becoming deeper. Our patients who have their first BOTOX treatment are shocked at how simple and quick it is to have the treatment. A few tiny pinpricks, and you can be on your way to a smoother forehead.

Get on the Right Skin Care

Most of our patients are using some sort of skin care product. The problem is the product is often a poor quality product that will not meet the needs of the skin.

Set an appointment with our experienced aesthetician for a skincare and product evaluation. A skin care routine doesn’t have to involve 27 fancy products. A few simple steps in the morning and evening can go a long way, particularly when the products are chosen based on your specific skin care needs.

These skin care resolutions are far more fun than sweating on the treadmill and skipping dessert. Let our office help you achieve your beauty and skin care goals for 2019! Contact our office today and request your very own consultation.

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