Swimming, Flying, and More After Mommy Makeover: Your Weird Questions Answered

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My mommy makeover patients come from Fort Myers, Naples, and all over Florida. They’re often active, busy people who strive for perfection. Although they want to look their best, they also want to make sure surgery won’t take them away from their normal daily activities for very long.

Those “normal activities” are about as varied as my patients themselves—from the gym to the sauna, from under the sea to up in the air—any elective surgery should enhance your enjoyment of your favorite activities, not hinder them. While you probably already know the basics of recuperation after a mommy makeover (for example, most patients go back to work after about 2 weeks), let’s take a look at the answers to some of the more specific questions I’m asked.

How soon can I go swimming after a mommy makeover?

While showering is possible only a couple of days after a mommy makeover, submerging your body in the tub or pool brings a different set of considerations. Chief among these is the risk of infection. Water is a favorite habitat for bacteria, and the risk of infection increases quite a bit when you expose your unhealed incisions to it. Showers are OK because the water is continuously moving and is fresh. Baths and swimming, on the other hand, use still water that can more readily harbor bacteria. Play it safe and wait until your incisions are fully healed (a process that can take a month or more) before getting in the tub, pool, or ocean.

Another concern related to swimming is the use of your upper body muscles. Because most mommy makeover procedures involve some form of breast enhancement, it’s important to rest the muscles sufficiently after surgery. Give yourself between 4 and 6 weeks before swimming laps or engaging in any sort of strenuous upper-body activities.

When can I sit in a sauna or steam room?

A nice sauna session can leave you feeling like a million bucks, but do it too soon after surgery, and you may be feeling more like 75 cents. Wait at least 6 weeks after your surgery before sitting in a dry or wet sauna. When you’re recuperating from surgery, your body needs all the help it can get to stay healthy and nourished, so avoiding any environment that puts you at a high risk of dehydration (such as a sauna) is a good idea. Excessive sweating can also increase your risk of infection.

Once you do go back to the sauna, keep in mind that breast implants have the potential to get warmer than their surrounding tissues. While this isn’t dangerous, you might feel it, and it can take some time for them to go back to normal.

Can I travel after a mommy makeover?

I recommend waiting between 4 and 6 weeks before getting on a plane after mommy makeover. Healthy people don’t often realize it, but flying can be incredibly physically challenging—between running to catch a plane, lifting heavy luggage, and contorting to stay comfortable in tiny seats, it’s just not a great experience for people recuperating from surgery. There’s also the risk of blood clots, which rises with longer flights.

Sometimes travel is unavoidable, so if you must fly soon after your surgery, stick to the following guidelines:

  • Stay hydrated before and during your trip, avoiding alcohol and caffeine
  • Wear compression socks to reduce the risk of blood clots forming
  • Keep moving! When you’re able, get up and walk around the plane

Still have a question about what you can and can’t do after mommy makeover? Reach out! We want to help. Contact my office with your question and a member of my staff will get back to you soon!

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