What to do about a Broken Nose

Should you fracture your nose, as Cameron Diaz reportedly has done several times, the type of break often determines if rhinoplasty is required. If so, your surgeon must decide whether the procedure should be open, which is more invasive, or closed, which hides incisions within the nose.

I most often perform open rhinoplasty so I can better visualize the complex anatomy of my patient’s nose.  Even with the open procedure, it’s extremely difficult to identify any incisions after healing has taken place. Broken noses can either be straightened in the first few hours or you should wait 2 weeks for the swelling to go down to see what damage the injury has caused to the nose.

In the case of children, since I don’t do pediatric surgeries in my accredited surgery suite, if a 6-year-old had a broken nose, the parents should first try to see a pediatric plastic surgeon. If there are none in your area, as is the case in Naples, it is important to see a plastic surgeon to splint the fracture and if needed he/she can refer the child to a pediatric plastic surgeon for further evaluation.

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