It’s Not Just Your Skin that Sags with Age!

Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center have discovered that facial wrinkles and sagging result not only from changes in the skin, but from age-related changes in the facial bones as well.

The research team reviewed tomography (CT) scans of the faces of three age groups of both men and women: Young (ages 20-40), middle-aged (ages 41-64) and older (ages 65 and up). The scans were originally performed for medical reasons, not for plastic surgery. Nevertheless, the scans showed remarkable differences in the facial bones between the age groups.

The researchers wrote in their study: “The facial skeleton experiences morphologic change and an overall decrease in volume with increasing age.”

One major change was an increase in the area of the orbital aperture, the bony surround for the eyeball. It appears to widen and lengthen with age. Aging also appears to reduce angles in glabellar, pyriform and maxillary bones, which are those around the mouth and upper jaw. The researchers also observed that the length and height of the mandible (jawbone) decreased with age, as well. Although these changes occurred in both men and women, many occurred in women in the young and middle age groups as compared with the men, in which most changes occurred between middle and old age.

“The bony components of the face are important for overall facial three-dimensional contour as they provide the framework on which the soft-tissue envelope drapes,” the authors wrote, adding that by using materials and techniques for skeletal augmentation, plastic surgeons can optimize results for patients seeking facial rejuvenation.

This information is something I stress when I talk to you about Sculptra.  The skin sags not only due to the loss of underlying fat but also the loss of bone, which is why I inject Sculptra both at the subcutaneous junction (for the loss of fat and thinning of the skin) and also deep in the supraperiosteal plane along the cheek bone, the temple, the nose and the jaw.  This helps add volume to the bone that has been lost due to aging, as you can see in the before/after of the 70-something woman above. Incredible improvement was gained simply through Sculptra.

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