Is Size C the New Size D?

Recently, I’ve read several articles that report a downsizing trend among celebrities: They’re downsizing their breast implants. Many of my patients who are considering breast augmentation in Naples have seen similar articles, and they want my advice on whether they should choose a smaller size as well.

Size matters — and I recognize that fact. What I also want women to consider, however, is that they should choose their implant size based on what they want, not on what other people are doing. Celebrity trends change constantly, and basing your breast augmentation decisions on the preferences of an actress — or your best friend, or your cousin, or your husband — may lead to an outcome that doesn’t suit you.

To help women determine the breast size that’s best for them, I use sample silicone implants placed in a sports bra. By trying on the implants under their clothes, women can see how they might look with various sizes of breasts.

In addition to using “sample sizers,” I recently became the first surgeon in Southwest Florida to provide my patients with a way to preview their results in 3-D. The Axis 3 – 3-D surgical simulation system creates three dimensional photo images to show how your body might appear after breast augmentation. You can actually view 3-D images of your own body with various breast sizes.

Remember: It’s your body. It should be your decision as to what breast size best suits you. I recommend consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon who uses the methods I’ve described to help guide you to the right implant size for you.

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