Dr. Hasen’s Top 3 Tips for Minimizing Surgical Scars

3 Tips for Minimizing Surgical Scars

When patients decide to have a cosmetic procedure, the appearance of their scar often isn’t something they consider until after surgery.  A cosmetically appealing scar can make or break a patient’s post-surgical appearance and greatly affect the way a patient views their results.  We have three tips for minimizing the appearance of post-procedure scars.

First and foremost, we encourage our patients to follow sun precautions.  The sun can cause scars to darken or change color, making the scar more apparent.  Using sunscreen and avoiding exposing the treated area to the sun are easy ways to ensure the scar heals well.

Second, we recommend Embrace scar therapy.  Embrace® offers a unique 3-in-1 formula to ensure patients achieve the best outcome possible.  Embrace works by managing the tension on a scar.  Tension along on a wound is a significant contributor to scarring.  With Embrace® pads, the incision is held together and tension is relieved.  This scar treatment also utilizes Stress-Shield Technology™ which protects and stabilizes a scar from tension caused by everyday movement.  This ensures the scar does not widen or thicken during the healing process.  Finally, Embrace uses a proprietary silicone formulation to hydrate the scar, which encourages the area to heal soft and flat.

Dr. Hasen has used this revolutionary scar product on his patients and been extremely impressed with the results.  When Dr. Hasen originally began using Embrace, he placed the scar pads only along the center portion of a tummy tuck scar, where the incision experiences the greatest amount of tension.  Amazingly, when Dr. Hasen followed up with these patients, the center portion of the scar healed even better than the outside edges, which are under less tension.  Now, Dr. Hasen recommends the use of these scar pads for patients who have surgical procedures on the body.

Third, keep your follow up appointments.  Often, if we notice a scar is becoming thick or red, we can perform laser and other treatments to quickly offer an improvement.  Early intervention is key in addressing any changes to the scar.

Following these easy recommendations will ensure your scar is the last thing on your mind after your surgery, and you can focus on enjoying your beautiful results!

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