Does NeoGraft® Work?

Learn about hair restoration with NeoGraft in Fort Myers

Many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of hair transplant treatments. Whether you live in Fort Myers or elsewhere in the United States, you have likely seen infomercials promoting miracle creams, supplements, and even hairsprays that claim to help regrow hair but just seem too good to be true. Hint: they probably are!

But today, it’s not only hairlines that are receding but also that sense of skepticism as science gives way to exciting new technology that can solve the problem of hair loss without painful surgery or obvious scars.

At my Naples cosmetic surgery practice, I offer NeoGraft® for hair restoration. During this minimally-invasive transplant procedure, I extract hair follicles from a donor site (usually the back of the scalp) and transplant them to areas that are balding. Unlike traditional hair transplant procedures, the automated NeoGraft system uses pneumatic pressure to precisely and safely extract the follicles. This not only prevents damage to the follicles by eliminating touching and twisting, but it also allows men and women to avoid the tell-tale linear scar that results from scalpel incisions made during less innovative methods. There are a few other key benefits of this FDA-approved procedure:

  • Natural-appearing results: Wear it long or short. It really is your real hair. I promise.
  • The procedure is gentle with little to no discomfort. You won’t have a linear scar or staples to bother with.
  • Recovery is quick. You’ll be back to your everyday routine in just a few days.

Another plus: NeoGraft results are proven, with before-and-after photos that speak volumes. Take a look at the below case from my practice:

NeoGraft for hair restoration in Naples, FL

The NeoGraft procedure also boasts an impressive 100% “Worth It Rating” on with patients sharing their enthusiasm for the comfort and effectiveness of their procedure. One member says:

“It has been 6 days and the only discomfort that I have experienced has been nothing more than a mild headache which I’ve been able to manage with extra strength Tylenol. There is some itching with the healing process so I spray saline solution on the site and that seems to help. I had the procedure on a Wednesday and was back to work on Friday. Very pleased with the results!”

If you are experiencing hair loss, you’re not alone. The American Hair Loss Association estimates two-thirds of American men will experience some hair loss by the age of 35. To schedule a consultation for NeoGraft, I invite you to contact my office online.

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