CoolSculpting® Elite: What You Gain in Losing Fat

It’s been said that “your loss is someone else’s gain,” but in the case of losing fat, you are definitely the beneficiary. And you benefit even more when you opt for CoolSculpting Elite, the latest, non-surgical solution for body contouring in Naples. Here are three benefits women and men gain from CoolSculpting Elite:

A Comfortable, Gradual Transformation

CoolSculpting Elite is a proven body contouring solution for effectively reducing fat without surgery. No incisions. No injections. No anesthetic. During the 3 to 4 months following the procedure, the body naturally breaks down and eliminates the disrupted fat cells, leading to smoother, flatter, sexier body contours where there used to be bulges. Patients have experienced reductions in fat of up 25% in the targeted areas.

A Treatment That Fits Your Life

Thanks to CoolSculpting Elite, you don’t have to take time off from life to reduce fat. Because there is no surgery, there is no time required for recovering. You can get back to work or the activities you love immediately following treatment.

No Pain, All Gain

The CoolSculpting Elite procedure is non-invasive, not even requiring an anesthetic injection. As the bulges fade away, many women and men feel an increase in confidence, and they’re more comfortable with the way their bodies look. Many say they no longer feel the need to hide their “love handles” or “muffin tops,” and that they enjoy more clothing options with their new, slimmer middles.

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  • Fadoua says:

    Hi,I have fought celtluile all my life I am now 54 and it is getting so bad, I thought it is time to see what this is all about and the cost.I seem to have it everywhere! but my biggest concern is my legs, and I have fat knees that I hate. So my legs is what I would like to find info on at this time.Thank you,Tamara

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