Bra Bulge?

Have you ever gotten all dressed up in something sleeveless and noticed just before leaving the house that you have some strange bit of fat seeping out around your breasts, kinda reaching back toward your armpit? It’s known as the “bra bulge.” Sometimes called a side boob or armpit fat. None of the names are nice, unfortunately.

The bra bulge isn’t something you can exercise away. If it were, then surely this famous tennis star wouldn’t have armpit fat. However, it can be easily removed with liposuction. If the skin is still resilient, it should bounce back without leaving any hanging skin. If you are older and/or have a bit less “give” in your skin, you might need me to excise some of the skin, but this is rare, actually.

Next time you’re wearing something sleeveless or strapless, check out the area you see on this photo. You can pre-empt the problem by a more careful choice of garment or remove the problem long-term with a little lipo.

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Kent Hasen

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