Benefits of Body Contouring

For men and women considering plastic surgery in Fort Myers and Naples, the newest body contouring methods can offer life-changing benefits.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I always make time to ensure that my patients understand the many options available to them. This helps me design a treatment plan that will achieve their individual cosmetic goals. Here’s a list of the most popular body contouring procedures at my practice.

CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™ & Using controlled cooling of unwanted fat cells, this procedure can reduce diet and exercise-resistant fat in the tummy, love handles, back, arms and legs without surgery, incisions or downtime.

Dimensional Liposuction & This procedure targets localized fat deposits in an outpatient procedure for a more youthful, contoured body that looks great in swimsuits and other clothing.

Tummy Tuck & Excess skin and fat, loose underlying abdominal muscles and stretch marks on the abdomen can all be corrected with carefully placed incisions that are concealed in most clothing.

Arm Lift & Sagging or drooping upper arm skin that does not tone up with exercise can be corrected in this outpatient procedure that blends liposuction and removal of excess skin for a tighter appearance.

Thigh Lift & This procedure tightens skin on the thighs that hangs or folds, for both a more attractive and more comfortable body after surgery.

Post Weight Loss Surgery & Skin is tightened and recontoured to reveal the body you’ve achieved through massive weight loss (with the stomach, hips and chest of primary concern for both women and men).

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