3 Reasons to Schedule Breast Augmentation for Spring

Spring is an ideal season for breast augmentation in Fort Myers, FL.

When you think of spring, what comes to mind? Do you picture longer days, warmer weather, and flowers in bloom? It may sound surprising, but breast augmentation is on my list. In the Naples and Fort Myers, FL area, breast enhancement is not only popular this time of year, but preferred.

As my office’s appointment calendar fills up, I wanted to share a few benefits of choosing this season for your procedure:

  • It’s the perfect time for a fresh start. Spring is all about new beginnings. For some, that means simply cleaning up around the house and taking on a few projects that had been set aside. Others take more significant steps, such as starting or resuming a regular exercise routine and watching what they eat in anticipation of those important graduations, wedding celebrations, and family trips that are coming up. Breast augmentation is often the start of a new chapter for my patients. It’s usually something they’ve longed to do for themselves for years, and the consultation is the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling journey. So, naturally, spring and breast augmentation go hand in hand.
  • Be healed and ready for summer! This is a big motivating factor for many women. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy breast augmentation results, whether that means donning a bikini or dress shopping. But if you wait until summer to have surgery, you’ll miss out on some of the fun during recovery. By scheduling surgery for spring, you can ensure you’re fully healed and ready to show off your results for those summer events and days spent at the lake or beach.
  • Take advantage of potential time off. Whether you have time off for spring break or have saved up some vacation time in the months that have passed since the holiday season, many women like to schedule their surgeries from April to mid-June because they don’t have to worry about missing out on work or other important activities. Moms in particular find that time is scarce during summer and fall as activities increase and schedules become hectic, so they like to take advantage of spring to book their surgeries.

It’s no wonder my plastic surgery practice near Fort Myers, FL tends to see an uptick in breast augmentation consultations during spring! If you would like to talk about timing and put together a customized treatment schedule of your own, feel free to contact my office for a consultation.

Dr. Kent Hasen explains why spring is an ideal season for breast augmentation in Florida.

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