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Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction

Who Is a Good Candidate?

  • Patients with the diagnosis of cancer who plan to remove the breast and desire immediate reconstruction in Naples.
  • Patients with an absence or abnormality of the breast for whatever reason including cancer, infection, trauma or congenital.
  • Patients who are not obese or heavy smokers.

*Your results may vary.

The Procedure

  • General anesthesia is used and it takes anywhere from one to six hours.
  • The reconstruction can be performed using an implant, natural tissues from the back and abdomen, or fat taken from another area of the body.
  • Implant reconstructions involve an implant placed at the time of mastectomy or later. It may be the only surgery required, or may be done in several stages. It begins with the insertion of a tissue expander, which is then inflated to stretch out the skin, and later replaced with breast implants to achieve augmentation for Fort Myers patients.
  • Natural tissue reconstruction involves borrowing skin, fat and muscle from the back or abdomen (TRAM flap) and transferring it to the breast area.
  • Reconstruction using fat transfer involves harvesting fat from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks through liposuction, then injecting it into the breasts for smooth, natural-looking enhancement.
  • Incisions depend on the size and contour of the breast and are slightly conspicuous. They can often be hidden around the areolae and in the lower breast crease, or previous incisions can be used.
  • The surgery for reconstruction may sometimes involve several stages. The nipple and areola may be reconstructed at a later date. It depends on your anatomy.
  • A careful exam of the breast tissue is undertaken to make sure no abnormalities are present and full cancer screening and evaluation is done prior to surgery.
  • Drains are used for the first several days, and these are removed painlessly in the office.

The Recovery

While patient experiences vary, recovery generally proceeds as follows after surgery:

  • You can go home after several hours or stay overnight.
  • You can shower on the second day after surgery.
  • You will feel very groggy for the first two days and weak for about ten days.
  • Swelling is mild to moderate for the first week, and rapidly disappears thereafter.
  • Usually only very mild bruising.
  • Breasts are square shaped for the first three weeks then settle into a very normal rounded position.
  • Using Silagen® scar refinement products as directed can minimize scarring as you heal.
  • Resume many activities within the first week, and most by the third week.
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