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Patient Testimonials & Reviews

Dr. Hasen's patients at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Med Spa of Naples sing our praises. We have received many thank-you cards and letters from satisfied patients over the years, and we have also made videos of some patients' testimonials. Many Naples residents considering cosmetic surgery find it reassuring to hear about the experiences of women and men who have trusted Dr. Hasen to be their surgeon.

If you're interested in meeting with Dr. Hasen to discuss your options in the Naples-Fort Myers area for plastic surgery or medical spa services, request a consultation online or call (239) 262-5662 today.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Your excellence can only be eclipsed by your kindness.

I want to thank you for the wonderful work you performed on me just 3 weeks ago tomorrow, which included facelift, neck lift & fat transfer. With your superb surgical skills and artisan’s eye you have surpassed my expectations, just as you did back in November 2012 when you performed an upper eyelid lift and browlift. You are gifted and have wonderful talent; your excellence can only be eclipsed by your kindness.

You and your staff are examples of what the practice of medicine and patient care should be, they are all truly amazing people! I personally want to thank Marie who I first met back in November to discuss possible cosmetic surgery; she is beautiful, awesome and made me feel very confident in going ahead with this journey; as is all your administrative and surgical staff. My heartfelt thanks to Andrea, LeAnn, Kim & Jeanna for their warmth and thoughtfulness…you all made every facet of this journey a truly relaxed and enjoyable experience.

In addition, my sincere thanks to Rachel, my RN that stayed overnight with me (you rock and you’re strong :D) and to Troy, who so comfortably put me to sleep :D!*

- Roberta Orban

I commend you for your skill level and professionalism...

I would just like to take a quick moment and express my gratitude for the procedure you performed on my daughter, Megan Christopher, last week.

As her father, I was more than nervous about her having this done. And, I was quite worried about the recovery period, especially with the press of late given to the less than professional practitioners that we read about in the tabloids.

I will say that this entire procedure went incredibly well. Megan is recuperating nicely and the pain and discomfort has been minimal. Beyond that, I know that this will enhance her self-esteem. As a school principal, I deal with young people regularly that have self-esteem issues, so I know how important this procedure has been for Megan. I commend you for your skill level and professionalism.

Thank you for making this “dream” a reality for my daughter.*

- Larry P. Christopher

Patient Testimonial: Plastic Surgery Patient Gives Dr. Hasen Her Full Recommendation

Dr. Hasen performed this woman’s neck lift and eyelid surgery. She relates how she chose him based on his direct approach and his ability to listen to her questions and concerns while making her feel confident.*

Patient Testimonial: Happy She Chose Dr. Hasen for Facelift

This patient spent 2 or 3 years researching doctors before deciding on Dr. Hasen for her facelift in Naples. She said the professionalism exhbitied by Dr. Hasen and his staff, and the undivided attention she received, made her feel confident and secure. She rates her overall experience as “fantastic” and says it makes her happy to look in the mirror.*

Patient Testimonial: Creating Naturally Beautiful Results

In this clip, a patient discusses how she chose Dr. Hasen because of his knowledgeable approach to plastic surgery, noting how delighted she was with his beautiful work and the caring and friendly atmosphere of our office.*

You exceeded all of my expectations.

It has been 6 months now since you performed the surgery to enhance my breast, and not a day has passed that I don’t feel overjoyed with the results. You exceeded all of my expectations. I could not have hoped for better results. Before the surgery, I had quite a bit of anxiety regarding the outcome — mainly about how they would look. Well, they turned out perfect, in both size and shape!! Thank you so much for bringing me such happiness and for doing a wonderfully professional job.

Also, I would like to compliment your staff for all the support they provided. They were very competent and responsive, and conveyed a genuine sense of caring about their patient. I always felt I could call any time with any question or concern and they would respond immediately.

Again, thank you, Dr. Hasen, for providing me the best possible experience, in every aspect, with my surgery. You are the best!*

- Patti Holmes

I believe you are truly the best at what you do!

I just wanted to write to tell you about an article I read in the paper about “What makes a great doctor.” Well the first thing that came to mind was you, Dr. Hasen, and your wonderful staff. The comfort you give to your patients is truly outstanding. The support throughout my recovery was great! The overall results of my breast augmentation were unbelievable! The pain was so minimal and it exceeded all my expectations. My life is so wonderful now!! I wanted to thank you – Dr. Hasen and your staff – for all you have given to my life! Anyone thinking about having this procedure done, I would highly recommend you and your staff. You truly do care about your patients and give the time and effort they need to truly become the person they want to be. I believe you are truly the best at what you do! Thanks again!*

- K.M.D.

Patient Testimonial: Quality of Care

In this video, a patient explains how impressed she was with the quality of care she received at our office. She tells why she would recommend Kent V. Hasen, M.D., and his practice.*

Patient Testimonial: Karen Tells About Her Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

In this video, a patient shares why she chose Kent V. Hasen, M.D., for her breast reconstruction after mastectomy.*

I have a renewed energy to my life.

My husband and I are both physicians. When seeking a plastic surgeon, we wanted someone with exceptional credentials, who had great training and who was down-to-earth. Dr. Hasen was an easy find who had all of these things.

I had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck (after having 9 kids and significant weight loss). I feel like I have regained my youthfulness by having surgery done. I have a renewed energy to my life.

The most surprising reaction and the most pleasant comments came from my husband. He simply couldn’t believe how great I looked afterward. He kept using the word amazing. He is so subdued and quiet normally I found it a double bonus to renew our romance in addition to improving my figure. I write about this because I hadn’t read anything like this in testimonials before my surgery and it was a nice surprise others should know.*

- K.M.D.

Dr. Hasen and his team changed my life.

Dr. Hasen made me feel comfortable at our first meeting. I was unsure of going through with the breast reduction. He put all my doubts at ease. The surgery was even a bigger success than I could imagine. I once again have “Beautiful Breasts” and my self-confidence is back. Dr. Hasen and his team changed my life.

I can’t begin to thank you for giving me my normal life back. I can walk the beach without feeling huge breasted. I feel like I am attractive again. Your surgery gave me what I needed to pick myself up again after my divorce and start over again, and start feeling more confident about myself.*

- Cheri Hesson

Patient Testimonial: Facial Cosmetic Surgery

In this testimonial from one of Dr. Hasen’s patients, she remarks, “I used to be afraid to look in the mirror, but Dr. Hasen has changed my life.”* Our practice offers cosmetic surgery and a wide selection of medical spa services.

Patient Testimonial: Plastic Surgery Patient Shares Her Story

In this clip, a patient who chose Kent V. Hasen, M.D., discusses her experience and talks about how the doctor and staff helped her feel comfortable about her cosmetic plastic surgery procedure near Fort Myers.*

...professional, knowledgeable, caring...

I recently had a Blepharoplasty (excess skin removed from my upper eyelids) and it is the single best thing I have ever done for my personal appearance. I have never had so many compliments such as “You look terrific!” and I absolutely could not be happier with the outcome. I would trust Dr. Hasen with my life, and his staff is terrific – – professional, knowledgeable, caring – – everything you would hope for when having a surgical procedure.

If you are considering a similar procedure and would like to talk to someone who has “been there, done that,” please feel free to ask Dr. Hasen to tell you how to contact me by phone or by e-mail.*

- Donna Daisy, Ph.D.

Dr. Hasen has done a very impressive job.

My nose was removed due to cancer in March. My daughter’s wedding was the first part of May. Dr. Hasen did a wonderful job reconstructing my nose and making it look as normal as possible in a very short amount of time, all the while noting that the most important thing was doing a great job and doing it right. I appreciated his hard work and honesty. He and his staff took a personal interest in my recovery, being considerate of me and how I was feeling. It has now been 6 months since my first of 3 surgeries. Unless you look closely, you can’t even tell there was a time I had no nose. Dr. Hasen has done a very impressive job.

Needless to say it was a traumatic experience and I would not have done as well if not for Dr. Hasen and his caring, considerate staff.*

- Kim Graham

I have never felt anything but like a friend coming into the office.

Services Performed: MAJOR liposuction (thighs, buttocks, stomach). I love my results, and for the first time in my life I don’t feel like I have to hide my body at the beach. I can now buy a pair of pants and not have to have them altered in order to fit. I am much happier overall with my body as a result. Big bonus points for coming to visit the night of my surgery!!

Staff: WONDERFUL. I have never felt anything but like a friend coming into the office. Everyone is very friendly, professional and caring — even to the overly anxious like me.*

- L.V.

He is a one-of-a-kind physician and master craftsman as a surgeon.

Dr. Hasen is truly a professional. He explained the procedure he was going to perform in a very thorough manner and welcomed questions that I had. His calm manner is very reassuring and comforting. Dr. Hasen has a wonderful bedside manner. He follows up with his patients after he has performed a procedure with a home visit in which he brings flowers. He is a one-of-a-kind physician and master craftsman as a surgeon.*

- Victoria Piloseno

I consulted with Dr. Hasen to “freshen up” my looks.

I am a 51-year-old female. I consulted with Dr. Hasen to “freshen up” my looks. I had some laxity in the jowl and neck area, and my eyes always looked tired. Dr. Hasen recommended the Thermage® treatment with BOTOX®, Restylane® and an upper blepharoplasty. We waited 9 months to see the results from the Thermage before doing the blepharoplasty. The Thermage treatment helped my eyes and overall appearance. For a non-invasive procedure, Thermage and BOTOX treatments have definitely exceeded my expectations.*

- E.A.

Dr. Hasen cares for his patients, each individual at a time.

Dr. Hasen cares for his patients, each individual at a time. He stays on top of the latest in procedures and products, providing you with a factual summary on each. He provides his professional guidance in helping you make informed decisions. His office is pleasant and relaxed as well as being supported by an excellent staff.*

- S.L.

The physician and aestheticians are very attentive and thorough.

The physician and aestheticians are very attentive and thorough. I feel the entire staff is of a very professional caliber. Questions and concerns are answered in a timely manner.*

- N.H.

Dr. Hasen truly cares about his patients’ needs.

I believe this practice is the most up to date on the newest and best technologies, and Dr. Hasen truly cares about his patients’ needs.*

- Wendy Pohlmann

He is the only doctor I would want.

I had my upper lids done, and at first glance I looked like a frog with those bulging eyes you see. I could see for only short periods of time because I continued to ice morning until night. I had no pain or bruising. The staff are wonderful people. I felt truly cared for. They checked on me both morning and evening, and Dr. Hasen checked on me daily as well, which really gave me a feeling of being secure as I was healing to know he cared enough to call. Would I choose him again if I have any other cosmetic surgery? Yes, most certainly. He is the only doctor I would want. Thank you doctor and staff.*

- C.B.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Thank-you Cards

You can read some of the handwritten notes from patients who have given us their permission to share them online.

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I had met with 4 different surgeons from Miami, Fort Myers and Naples. After meeting Dr. Hasen and his staff, I was confident, this was the surgeon I wanted to do the job. All I can say is exceptional service from beginning to end. Office staff is beyond amazing! My results are ❤😍 Highly Recommend!

March 2020

Best service and complements!! I love Dr. Hasen and his staff. They all go above and beyond to make you feel special. He is great at what he does!!! 1000% worth it!!

January 2020

Dr. Hasen and his staff are amazing! Their office is so nice and clean! I recently had my surgery breast implant & lift on October 8, almost 4 weeks out now. I couldn't be happier with the result. Dr Hasen and all of his staff have been extremely professional and kind. My experience has been amazing. Thank you for the best experience with my first surgery ever. Thank you!

November 2019

Dr Hasen and his entire staff were kind, caring, respectful and supportive through the entire process. I felt at ease and that all my questions were answered. The results are great and recover was better than I could have hoped for. Dr Hasen is very skillful surgeon and my scaring is minimal. Thank you!

September 2019

I recently had surgery with Dr. Hasen, and I couldn't be happier!!! From the first initial consultation, I felt completely confident and comfortable with him. His facility is top notch, and the staff is very welcoming and kind.

August 2019

I'm a mother of 3 kids and was not happy with my body. I then decided to go to Dr.Kent v Hasen MD and was in awe of the article that he wrote about to his journey to becoming a plastic surgeon. It was then that i decided to go to him and his staff to help me with my problem. I got a TMT, BBL, and liposuction done. In just about 10 days I was able to walk better than when I had a c- section from my last child. It was much less painful than I expected. After my surgery, I have felt more confident than I have ever felt in myself. Thank you very much Dr.Hasen I'm a happy woman now and thank you to all the staff for working miracles. Best wishes to you all and stay well😘

June 2019

My experience with Dr. Hasen and his team was beyond my expectations! From my first appointment and through all of the follow-ups, each person provided top notch service. The facility is gorgeous and accommodates so many different services! Dr. Hasen listens to what you want and cares that you are happy with the outcome!

March 2019

From the second you walk through the state of the art facility doors and greeted by his friendly staff you know you’re going to be taken care of. My entire experience with Dr. Hasen was nothing short of impeccable. Dr. Hasen did a wonderful job and my results were just what I had asked for. Nervous about my procedure his staff was very reassuring and recovery was a breeze! I would highly recommend Dr. Hasen!

March 2019

I'm 4 weeks post op from Revision Rhinoplasty, and I'm so pleased with the results! Dr Hasen is an amazing surgeon. His team of nurses and assistants are very professional & always available for questions without hesitation. Dr Hasen's Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Med Spa is a contemporary state of the art facility, as well as comfortable and ultra clean.
The day of my surgery I felt completely safe in their hands.. everything went smoothly and before I knew it, was on my way home for speedy recovery. I would recommend and go to Dr Hasen for any of the procedures that he offers. Look no further!

March 2019

Dr. Hasen and his entire staff beyond first rate in all aspects. They are friendly and helpful and show a genuine caring demeanor. The building is beautiful in every way and the chairs in the lobby are incredibly comfortable. I drive from Fort Myers and was late my last visit due to traffic and when I called to let them know, she told me they’d still fit me in and to drive safe. Above and beyond caring, this staff makes you feel like family. I had no anxieties going into surgery because I knew I was in the best hands and I am astonished with the results, have never felt more beautiful and confident than I do now! Dr. Hasen is incredibly talented and I would recommend him to all of my family and friends.

March 2019

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