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The Battle of the Bruise

Bruising after an injectable treatment is a big concern for our Naples patients.  We do everything we can to minimize bruising and also encourage our patients to take steps to decrease the chance of bruising, yet bruises can still develop! Recently, two of our staff members were injected with filler in their nasolabial folds.  Both followed bruise precautions, and both were injected with the same product on the same day.  The photos below were taken 24 hours after treatment.     … Continue reading

Which Is Better, CoolSculpting® or Liposuction?

“Which is better? CoolSculpting? Liposuction?” This is by far one of the most common questions I hear from patients, friends, and family in and around Fort Myers, FL, who want to smooth their curves and tone up. Most of the time, they’ve done some research and learned that these treatments are 2 of the most popular procedure options, but knowing which one will deliver the best results is where we step in. And while it would be easy to give one straight … Continue reading

Arm Yourself for Florida’s Endless Summer

Here at my plastic surgery practice near Fort Myers, we like to joke that summer never really ends in Florida. But as our season prepares to transition from hot to hotter, and we make plans to spend even more time outside, it’s important to know the latest on how to protect yourself from the sun — as well as how to ease symptoms if you get too much. Daily: Everyday sun protection is mandatory for everyone, even people who don’t … Continue reading

Next Generation Facial Fillers

Recently, I saw a patient in my Naples plastic surgery office wanting to smooth subtle fine lines around the lips.  I had actually seen this same patient over 8 years ago, when she presented with the same concern.  At the time, I advised the patient against using filler in this area.  Eight years ago, the fillers on the market were not well suited to address this concern.  There was the chance the lip could look too “puffy” or “full” when … Continue reading

The Future of Fat Looks Fabulous

Every spring, the entire medical aesthetic community looks forward to the release of the previous year’s statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, or ASPS. 2016’s numbers are just beginning to trickle in, and so far the word we’re hearing most is “fat.” As many of my breast augmentation patients in Fort Myers can tell you, fat is having a bit of a moment.   Once nearly universally vilified, fat is finding its niche as a volume enhancer in both … Continue reading

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