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Debunking the “Duck Lip” Myth – Dr. Hasen’s Top 3 Tips for Achieving Beautiful Lips


When patients are exploring filler for their lips and the lines around the lips, the number one concern we hear in our office is “I don’t want to look like a duck!”.  Reality television has given many people the false belief all lip filler looks unnatural.  Rest assured, in our hands, you don’t have to fear a duck bill.  In fact, many of your friends probably have filler, but because they have followed a few simple tips, they have achieved … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!


    At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Med Spa of Naples, we want to take time this month to give thanks for our wonderful patients.  This time of year, we are always particularly mindful of how fortunate we are to have the honor to care for you.  Trusting us with your most intimate concerns and appearance is not a responsibility we take lightly.  We are thankful you have chosen our office, and we are very appreciative for the relationships we … Continue reading

When We Use Liposuction to Enhance Other Procedures


One of the most popular and versatile procedures I perform is liposuction. At our Naples/Fort Myers practice, many patients benefit from incorporating liposuction into other cosmetic procedures for the face, breast and body. All of us have unwanted fat (at least a little), and it allows me to sculpt new contours in many areas of the body, from the abdomen and arms to the thighs and the neck. But liposuction expands a surgeon’s options in other ways, too. In some cases, the … Continue reading

Our Trusted and Talented Dynamic Duo

2 blonde women smiling

When it comes to skincare treatments, it’s important to go to someone you trust. Putting the fate of your beautiful face into someone else’s hands should not be taken lightly. In order to set yourself up for a comfortable and successful facial rejuvenation experience, you need to find an expert. This is why at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Med Spa of Naples we have our Dynamic Duo. Board-certified physician assistant, Brandie and advanced registered  nurse practitioner, Tara are our expert … Continue reading

The Limits of Products Promising an “At-Home Facelift”


When I use the term “facelift” at my Naples/Fort Myers practice, I do so only in the context of the surgical procedure. Facelift is a powerful word that evokes a certain, dramatic expectation. It’s a word that now transcends plastic surgery, too: When renovators say they’re giving a building “a multimillion-dollar facelift,” we intuitively understand that they mean a major overhaul of that building’s appearance. So, given the power behind the word itself, it’s no surprise that countless beauty product labels … Continue reading

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