THE Questions You’ve Been Wanting to Ask About ThermiVa

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We’re answering the top questions our patients have about ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation but have been afraid to ask.

1. What exactly does it do?
ThermiVa uses radiofrequency to gently heat tissue, stimulating collagen of the external and internal tissues. This helps improve the appearance of the vaginal tissue while also increasing lubrication, improving sensation, and helping with incontinence. Patients of all ages benefit from the treatment – younger patients who have experienced changes after childbirth to patients who are seeing concerns related to menopause. The treatment helps improve a wide variety of issues with a series of 3 non-invasive treatments.

2. Does it hurt?
During a ThermiVa treatment, a wand is used to deliver the radiofrequency energy. This results in a gentle heating of the tissue and no pain. Occasionally, patients feel mild pressure on their bladder. The treatment can be performed externally and internally, depending upon a patient’s concerns and treatment goals. The treatment takes about 35 minutes to perform. During the procedure, patients often listen to music or read a book, since it is so well tolerated.

3. Are there any restrictions after treatment?
There are absolutely NO restrictions following a ThermiVa treatment. Patients can return to any and all activities immediately following ThermiVa. Because ThermiVa uses gentle radiofrequency heat, there is no downtime associated with the procedure. This is one of the biggest advantages of ThermiVa compared to other treatments on the market.

4. Does it actually work?
ThermiVa is one of the highest satisfaction procedures we perform in our practice. Many patients have dealt with issues for years and felt they had no options for treatments or were looking for a more “natural” approach. While there is never a guarantee of a specific result, our patients see fantastic improvements. Patients often notice initial changes after their first treatment and continue to see results develop for up to 6 months after they complete their series of treatments. In fact, many of our patients remark their partners are the first to notice changes following their procedure.

ThermiVa is a revolutionary technology to address concerns many women have had for years. The simple non-invasive treatment can truly be life changing for patients who have dealt with issues related to childbirth and hormonal changes. If you have further questions about the procedure or want to schedule your own treatment, contact our office at 239-262-5662.

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