Computer Imaging: Almost like a crystal ball

One of the most popular parts of a cosmetic surgery consultation here in my Naples, Fl plastic surgery office is computer imaging, which gives my patients a digital prediction of what they could look like after the procedure. It’s a key tool in giving patients realistic expectations about their results. It’s also a way for both the surgeon and the patient to be sure they’re “watching the same movie,” that is, looking for the same result. You can see in the photo above how closely the computerized version predicted the final outcome. Pretty hard to tell one from the other, isn’t it?

I use both 2D image manipulation (morphing) with Canfield mirror mainly for nasal surgery and the 3D imaging with AXIS 3 system for breast and face.  I use both of them to give my patients some idea of how they may turn out with surgery.  I have been using it long enough that I can get the result fairly close to the morphed image, but I always disclaim that it doesn’t guarantee or warranty a specific outcome; that it is only for educational purposes.

If you come to my Naples plastic surgery practice for a consultation, you’ll likely enjoy having the experience of computer imaging. So far, everybody does!

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Hasen

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