2015 Plastic Surgery Trends

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In our fast paced society, pop culture and social media impact many aspects of life, including plastic surgery!  In our practice, we notice trends based upon what has become popular with celebrities and reality TV stars.

RealSelf, a popular website for cosmetic procedures, measures the number of patient inquiries for various procedures.  The most popular requests for 2014 were lip-related, influenced by Kylie Jenner’s suddenly full lips.  Inspired by this reality starlet, many patients sought to achieve their own full pout, through the use of injectable fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm.  Our office also noticed many patients seeking fuller lips.  However, while our patients are definitely looking for full, youthful lips, Kylie inspired our patients to seek a more naturally full pout.

While breast augmentation remained an extremely popular procedure in 2015, both RealSelf and our practice found women looking for smaller, more natural looking breast implants.  Patients are inspired by celebrities like Kate Hudson with slimmer figures.  Our office found patients opting for “gummy bear” implants, which allow for a softer, more natural-appearing augmentation.

Women aren’t alone in following plastic surgery trends!  Men were inspired by stars like Brad Pitt to seek treatments to enhance and sculpt their jawline.  Our office saw many men for minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures to chisel the jawline, such as the Precision Tx laser neck lift and Ulthera.

We look forward to seeing what new trends emerge in 2016!

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