Top 3 Areas for CoolSculpting® Elite

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The midsection is a favorite hangout for fat. Even after you’ve burned the fat off other areas of your body, a muffin top or love handles may remain. For those stubborn fat cells, you may need to change tactics and turn down the heat—to freezing, actually. That’s why I offer CoolSculpting Elite for Naples men and women.

Target Areas

By targeting the common trouble areas of the midsection with CoolSculpting Elite, women and men can achieve a slimmer, trimmer, sexier physique. CoolSculpting Elite can target diet- and exercise-resistant fat pockets of the:

  • Sides: The area above the hips between the abdomen and back, commonly called “love handles.”
  • Flanks: The waist-hip area of the lower back above the buttocks, often referred to as a “muffin top.”
  • Lower abdomen: Often called a “pooch” or “spare tire,” this is sometimes a protruding area below the belly button or a roll across the lower belly.

These common fat pockets do not discriminate. Both women and men struggle with these stubborn, undesirable fat deposits, but CoolSculpting Elite can help.

The Importance of Experience

CoolSculpting Elite does not have to be performed by a cosmetic surgeon. However, you should still take care to select someone who has expertise in full-body aesthetics. As a fellowship-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, I have considerable experience with body contouring. I work with patients to achieve beautiful results on almost a daily basis, and I know what’s required to produce aesthetic balance while keeping your overall health a top priority.

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