Top 3 Acne Scar Treatment Myths

Woman undergoing nonsurgical facial treatment

Topicals Don’t Work

We know acne scars are troublesome for many patients. Unfortunately, battling acne and cystic acne is not uncommon for teenagers (and adults!), and those breakouts can leave behind battle wounds.  Many people feel using topicals will do little to improve the appearance of these stubborn scars.  However, with the many technologically advanced, medical grade products on the market, treating those scars starts at home.  Using a high quality, growth factor product can encourage collagen stimulation, which is the name of the game in treating acne scarring.  SkinMedica TNS Recovery® has the highest concentration of a patented growth factor blend.  This potent combination of growth factors and cytokines improves the tone and texture of the skin.   A customized at home regimen is an important step in smoothing the skin.

Lasers Are King

Lasers are known for being tough on wrinkles, so we assume they are the perfect choice for acne scarring. However, this isn’t always the case.  Microneedling treatments use a small, pen-shaped device that create perforations in the skin.  These tiny injuries stimulate a collagen and elastin response, which is ideal for targeting acne scars.  Our experienced estheticians can customize the treatment and depth of the needles to most effectively target areas of scarring.

One and Done

While it would be fantastic if a panacea, one-and-done treatment existed, treating acne scarring is a process. The scars took time to form, and they take time to improve.  A combination of topicals, microneedling, and other treatment modalities helps optimize results.  Every face is different, and every scar is different.  Seeing an experienced provider to develop a customized plan can help set you on the path to smoother, brighter skin.  Keep in mind, all treatments will require a series and time for best results.  Armed with a plan, those acne scars will soon become a distant memory.

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