The Gift of Surgery?


Under your Christmas tree, it’s likely you found gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants.  Did you also find a gift card for plastic surgery?  According to a recent article, gift cards for a plastic surgery procedure are a growing trend.  From Botox to chemical peels to even surgery, chances are someone you know received a gift card for one of these popular procedures.

In our office, we do offer our patients the convenience of gift cards, and this is something of which many of our patients (and their loved ones) take advantage.  However, while we offer a variety of procedures, most of our patients purchase and receive gift cards for procedures such as skin care treatments, injectable fillers, or Botox.  Purchasing a gift card with the intention of the recipient using it for a surgical procedure is a risky proposition.  While plastic surgery is typically a very safe procedure, deciding to have surgery is a serious decision.  Before having a surgical procedure, our office sees patients for an extensive consultation and multiple appointments.  Not as simple as a gift card and then surgery the next day!

Our patients enjoy receiving the gift of anti-aging and beautiful skin.  Gift cards can make a great gift for that person who has everything or is hard to shop for.  However, make sure you know your loved one well before you “gift” them with a procedure they may not think they need! 

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