The Battle of the Bruise

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Bruising after an injectable treatment is a big concern for our Naples patients.  We do everything we can to minimize bruising and also encourage our patients to take steps to decrease the chance of bruising, yet bruises can still develop!

Recently, two of our staff members were injected with filler in their nasolabial folds.  Both followed bruise precautions, and both were injected with the same product on the same day.  The photos below were taken 24 hours after treatment.

woman's mouth
woman's mouth

As you can see, both experienced very different reactions!  One has almost no bruising, and the other staff member obviously bruised.  What happened?

While we as injectors like to take credit when our patients don’t bruise, unfortunately, some things are beyond our control.  The staff member who bruised has much fairer, more vascular skin and is more prone to bruising in general.  While the other staff member has darker, less bruise prone skin.  These factors play a big role in the likelihood of developing a bruise.  The good news is bruises go away, and they can typically be camouflaged with makeup.

Below are a few easy tips that can help minimize the chance of a bruise.  However, bruises happen.  If you do develop a bruise, know it will resolve with time, and you will be left with the beautiful results of your injectable treatment.

Tips to Minimize Bruising

  1. Avoid reaching for pain medications that can increase bruising, such as aspirin and ibuprofen. These medications thin the blood, which increases the risk of bleeding and bruising.  Tylenol is your best choice in the days before an injection.
  2. Skip the alcohol. Alcohol can thin the blood as well, so it is best to avoid alcohol in the two days before an injectable procedure.
  3. No green tea. Green tea has also been show to thin the blood.  Avoiding this drink in the days before a treatment can cut down on the chance of bruising.
  4. Take Arnica Montana. Arnica Montana is a plant that has been used in herbal medicine for many years.  Found in pill and topical cream form, Arnica helps bruises reabsorb more quickly and also helps prevent their formation.  Arnica can be taken before and after treatment for maximum effect.

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