Putting Your Best “Selfie” Forward


The enormous popularity and rise of social media has impacted many aspects of our lives: how we communicate, how we learn about what is happening in the world, how we shop, and now how we decide if we need plastic surgery.  With the “selfie” becoming a routine part of our dialect (in fact, it was named the “word of the year” and included in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015), we are more aware than ever of how we look from every possible angle.  Constantly seeing ourselves on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, as well as seeing celebrities who have had cosmetic procedures, can lead to the desire for subtle changes in our appearance.

Many patients are seeking non-surgical procedures, such as filler and Botox®, to augment their appearances and soften any concerns they might be seeing in their social media photos.  This is certainly something we are seeing more commonly in our practice.  Patients are bringing photos of themselves, showing areas they would like to change or augment, as well as photos of celebrities they wish to emulate.

Having photos can be extremely helpful in understanding what look a patient is seeking.  However, we always want patients to look like the best version of themselves.  While a Hollywood actress can provide inspiration for the shape and size of a lip augmentation, it is important to stay true to your own beauty.  Whatever your thoughts might be about social media, it is certainly changing how we see ourselves and others.  We are here to provide our expertise on what procedures will be best for your needs and are realistic for your goals.  Seeking an experienced provider is key in maintaining and subtly enhancing your own natural beauty and ensuring you put your best “selfie” forward!


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