Plump Up Your Pout With Our Newest Filler, Restylane® Silk for Lips

Plump your pout

Lips communicate sensuality and youth, so it’s easy to understand the popularity of treatments that result in plump, contoured lips. That’s why I’m so excited about Restylane Silk, which is getting fantastic results at my plastic surgery practice in Naples, Florida. It’s the only filler approved by the FDA specifically to make the lips look fuller, so I was proud to be the first plastic surgeon in Southwest Florida trained to use Restylane Silk.

After gaining approval from the FDA, Restylane Silk came on the market this year, and we’re proud to be one of the first aesthetic practices to offer injections. What makes it so special? The lips are a very delicate, sensitive area, and Restylane Silk is designed specifically to be easier to inject with precision than other fillers. That’s primarily because it has smaller particles than other Restylane®  products with thicker gels, designed for deeper injection in other areas.

Restylane Before & After Photo
Before & After of Restylane Patient

The development of a filler specifically made for the lips is a breakthrough for non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Some lips are naturally thin, while others naturally lose volume with aging. In either case, patients want lips that are full, but still appear natural. We’ve all seen celebrities with the tell-tale “duck lips,” which result when fillers are used incorrectly.

Small lines around the mouth are also an early sign of aging and are common areas of concern for my patients. Restylane Silk is also approved by the FDA to smooth out those wrinkles. Because those areas and the lips themselves are so sensitive, Restylane Silk (along with many other fillers today) is pre-mixed with an anesthetic to significantly limit any discomfort during the treatment. The product’s fine particles also result in less swelling after being injected.

A single treatment with Restylane Silk will typically provide results that last at least 6 months. Contact us soon if you’d like to be among the first patients around the country to benefit!

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