Patients Aim To Be Discreet With Plastic Surgery

Have you considered plastic surgery before, but you didn’t want your friends and family to find out? Turns out you’re not alone.

Transform, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery group, recently published a study showing that patients have been staggering their aesthetic treatments, or even hiding them, so that people don’t know about their upgrades.

According to Transform, more than half of women hide non-surgical procedures from their partners, and another 72% of women don’t tell their friends and family about said treatments.

Men are reportedly more secretive than women, with 81% keeping their treatment hush-hush.

In the way of surgical procedures, liposuction is the most hidden operation. A total of 34% of women admit to keeping it secret.

The surgical group also found that about 60% of patients want discreet changes that have a more subtle effect.

Transform’s Shami Thomas told the Daily Mail: “A patient who came to us for Botox and lip fillers last month asked the practitioner if there would be any red marks or bruising as she had a date with her boyfriend that evening and she didn’t want him to know that she had any treatments.”

Perhaps the desire to have more subtle procedures has come as a response to the media’s emphasis on celebs—like Heidi Montag and Priscilla Presley—who have gone overboard with the plastic surgery. Patients are now starting to focus their aesthetic goals based on what they don’t want to look like.

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Kent V. Hasen, M.D.

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