A Partnership Between Patient & Surgeon

Doctor shaking hands with client

If you’re in search of a plastic surgeon in Naples, Ft. Myers, or other nearby communities, you probably already understand the importance of strong qualifications such as board certification. While experience and training form a great foundation, I believe that plastic surgery is most successful when there’s a true partnership between me and my patient.

At my practice, I strive to keep my relationships with my patients and potential patients thriving and active by making regular posts on my Facebook Page, answering questions on RealSelf, and updating my blog often. I find this candid and casual form of communication helps patients to feel closer to me and better able to open up about their goals and insecurities. In turn, I get a better understanding of how to help them.

At my practice, my staff members and I also are fond of hosting special events that are educational and fun. These often include live treatment demonstrations, discounts, free gifts, refreshments, and more. I look forward to these events because they help me connect with people outside of a clinical setting.

By making myself accessible and regularly interacting with past, current, and future patients, I’m able to build a strong partnership that is reflected in the personalized results of each surgery I perform.

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