New UK Registry to Make Cosmetic Injectables Safer

According to the UK News Reporter, stricter regulations on who can administer cosmetic injectables in Great Britain will be put in to place. The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) has created minimum standards for medical professionals wishing to inject popular cosmetics like Botox and Juvederm.

While dermal fillers and botulinum toxin injections carry minimal side effects, treatment by an under qualified individual can lead to undesired results. IHAS reports that around 200,000 injectable treatments are performed every by 5,000 providers. IHAS has created a registry where providers must meet certain criteria in order to be listed as a credible medical professional.

The new directory was created so that consumers would make informed decisions about their treatment and avoid choosing someone ill-equipped to do their injections.

“We’ve heard stories of Botox parties and people going to even garden sheds for treatment, ” said Sally Taber, IHAS director. “It’s just amazing that the general public think that they can have an injection into their face in a nail bar, a garden shed or at a Botox party, because you are dealing with a prescription medicine.”

Botox reduces wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles in the face. If injected in the wrong dose, there can be unpleasant reactions and permanent damage done. The registry is limited to qualified nurses, dentists and doctors. It also requires all members to give patients a proper one-on-one consultation prior to treatment.

Members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) are not as thrilled with the registry, claiming that it was put in place to help clinics market their services rather than make cosmetic injections safer. The BAAPS is more secure with the prospective new European regulations that promise to be more widespread and better enforced.

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