New Treatment for Varicose Veins approved by the FDA

The FDA approved a new sclerosing agent today called Asclera. Made by Bioform and manufactured in Germany, Asclera has been used in Europe for some time. It’s slightly different from the usual sclerosing agents, but essentially acts in the same way–by damaging the lining in a “bad” vein until it collapses. Asclera is injected into the vein by a physician or nurse to treat varicose veins.

Not just unsightly, varicose veins can be dangerous. Because they are caused by blood pooling in the vein, they can result in blood clots. They’re caused by a multiplicity of factors, including genetics (they run in families); pregnancy; obesity; sitting or standing too long; wearing tight garments, particularly tight socks, knee highs or girdles (do women still wear girdles?).

There’s no guarantee you can avoid them, but here are some tips for those with a tendency to develop varicose veins:

  • If you stand or sit most of the time, get up often and walk around.
  • When you come home, put your legs up for 20-30 minutes every day.
  • Get daily exercise. Walking is a great way to keep things moving around!
  • If you need support hose, be sure to buy the right size and type for your needs.
  • If a vein seems hot or painful, seek medical help.

If you need help with spider veins or varicose veins, give our office a jingle. We’re happy to check them out and make a recommendation for the right treatment.

To your health and beauty,
Dr. Kent Hasen

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