Look Alike Plastic Surgery

I watched a television program the other day that profiled celebrity fanatics who underwent plastic surgery to look like their favorite Hollywood star. As a plastic surgeon, I have helped many people improve their appearance through plastic surgery in Fort Myers. However, I never attempt to alter a person’s appearance in such a way that they are no longer recognizable. The art of plastic surgery is to enhance a person’s existing beauty; not to transform them into someone else.

It’s perfectly reasonable to admire certain physical characteristics in another person. In fact, during consultations at my practice, I may ask patients to bring in photos of celebrities or models with specific attributes that they find pleasing. I find this exercise effective in helping me understand their aesthetic preferences and what they’d like to achieve. However, it is my job as a surgeon to evaluate their ideals with their existing physical anatomy and then help establish realistic expectations about their results.

After plastic surgery, your features should look refined and aesthetically balanced. Choosing to work against your existing bone structure and anatomy can create unrealistic-looking results.

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