Freedom from “Frownies” with BOTOX®

BOTOX® Cosmetic currently ranks as the most popular cosmetic treatment in the country. There is no surgery or downtime associated with this outpatient procedure, yet the results continue to receive rave reviews.

People often consider BOTOX in Fort Myers, Naples and surrounding areas to improve the appearance of frown lines and crow’s feet which make them appear older, grumpier and more tired than they actually are.

BOTOX can work wonders on the “frownies,” the lines in between the eyebrows caused over time by squinting and frowning. Patients who want to be free of the “frownies” can enjoy a more relaxed and refreshed appearance after surgery.

How BOTOX® Works on “Frownies”: A tiny needle is inserted into the area where the frown lines are. BOTOX is then injected to target the muscles causing these facial wrinkles. Within a few days, the overlying skin appears smoother and the appearance of wrinkles is greatly reduced.

What to Expect: Your “frownies” will ease up and stay that way for between 3 to 6 months before a touch up treatment is required.

What NOT to Expect: When you have treatment from a skilled injector, your face won’t appear frozen and you’ll still be able to make a full range of facial expressions. The main difference is that your frown lines will be a thing of the past.

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