Facial Exercises: Help or Hoax?

It seems that everyday there is a new miracle cure for aging skin. A commonly discussed wrinkle treatment is the use of facial exercises. While numerous websites claim that exercising the muscles around the face will increase muscle tone and reduce wrinkles, the practice is questionable.

If simple exercises would reduce wrinkles, why would there be a need for Botox® or facelifts?

Ask yourself this: if these exercises claim to be so good for facial lines, why does paralyzing muscles with Botox® make them disappear? The answer is that the muscles create the lines. Making the muscles bigger with exercise will exacerbate the lines! In stroke patients, for instance, the paralyzed side of the face always looks smoother than the active side.

From a medical standpoint, muscle exercises for the face are of little to no benefit. While we would all love to find the magic anti-aging potion, facial exercises are just another failed solution with a placebo effect.

Keep in mind that there a many healthy practices that can slow signs of aging and prevent wrinkles. Avoiding sun exposure and cigarettes, as well as the use of sunscreen and skin care products, are methods that are proven to delay the onset of wrinkles for Naples residents. If your skin is already seeing the effects of aging, cosmetic treatments such as Botox® and dermal fillers.

To Your Health & Beauty,
Dr. Kent Hasen

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