Do You Really Need a Full Facelift?

Patients often schedule a consultation with me thinking that the deep lines and excess skin on their faces are going to require the classic solution: a facelift. Surgery is not for everyone, however. I always want my patients to know their options and understand that I offer several alternatives to a traditional face lift at my Naples, Florida, practice.

Traditional Face Lift

A face lift may indeed be a viable option for a patient who has a double chin or prominent jowls, or who has developed excess fat or sagging skin on the face and neck. In general, a face lift will smooth loose skin and tighten facial muscles for a healthier, younger look. Of course, it is not without the realities of surgery: anesthesia, incisions, stitches and dressings.

Croton Oil Peel

If you want some of the benefits of a face lift without undergoing major surgery, the Croton Oil Peel may be right for you. This peel procedure can address deep facial lines between the eyes, on the cheeks and around the lips and nose. The Croton Oil peel can be either a complement or an alternative to a face lift, and it’s an ideal procedure for people whose lines and scars are too deep for fillers. The recovery of the peel is difficult in the first week, but the long lasting results make the recovery well worth it in most cases.

Updated 12/22/2020

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