Debunking the “Duck Lip” Myth – Dr. Hasen’s Top 3 Tips for Achieving Beautiful Lips


When patients are exploring filler for their lips and the lines around the lips, the number one concern we hear in our office is “I don’t want to look like a duck!”.  Reality television has given many people the false belief all lip filler looks unnatural.  Rest assured, in our hands, you don’t have to fear a duck bill.  In fact, many of your friends probably have filler, but because they have followed a few simple tips, they have achieved a natural result.

  1.  Take a look at the staff – I always advise patients to look at the staff in the office where they are having treatment. This might seem superficial, but, most likely, the physician or PA in the office is injecting the staff.  If the staff have a natural appearance, and there are no duck lips in sight, chances are you will receive the outcome you are seeking.
  2. Use the right product – There are many fillers on the market that can be used in the lips. Some fillers, such as Restylane® and Juvederm Ultra®, are designed to provide volume, while others, Restylane Silk® and Volbella®, are designed to smooth and define.  Depending upon your goals, it is important your provider chooses the right product to best meet your needs.
  3. Bring photos – While every lip is different, having photos of your desired appearance can help ensure you and your provider are on the same page. Whether you have photos of very full, volumized lips or a more natural, supple lip, you can help your provider more accurately visualize the picture you have in your head.  Keep in mind, however, since every person has their own unique anatomy, your result will also depend on your starting point.


2 syringes Volbella® and 1 syringe Juvederm Ultra®

LK2 juvederm

2 syringes Restylane®

Following these tips will help ensure you and your provider match the aesthetic you are seeking without fearing the infamous “duck lip”!

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