Curvy Is the New Skinny

blonde woman wearing bikini

As a plastic surgeon in Fort Myers, I see beauty trends come and go. One that I find particularly positive for women is the trend toward curvier, healthier-looking bodies.

In the past, short-lived fads inspired women to drastically restrict their diets in order to achieve a glorified, and unrealistic, waifish silhouette. Thanks in part to the influence of high-profile celebrities who have embraced their full, feminine and sensual figures, women today want to look shapely rather than thin and angular.
The new, curvy paradigm is not only a healthier one; it is also more realistic and easier to achieve. For women who are not naturally curvy or who have lost some of the fullness and suppleness of their curves as a result of pregnancy or aging, procedures such as breast augmentation can help create the desired voluptuous profile.
Breast implants seamlessly add dimension to the female frame, helping women to:

  • fill out clothes and bathing suits
  • accentuate an otherwise slim or boyish figure
  • create more sensual curves and cleavage

Whether you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Fort Myers who can perform breast augmentation as part of a Mommy Makeover or you simply want larger breasts that will create a curvier, more flattering look, I can work with you to choose the best procedure for your individual body and your specific goals.

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